A Venetian fleet of 1 20 sail came in 1123, and after aiding in the repulse of an attack, which the Egyptians had taken advantage of Baldwin II. There was no wind, so the lake was completely flat when we went canoeing. FIGHT: noun- Did you watch the "fight?" Problem Gerunds the Doge meme). For example, you can more easily lift a heavy object with a lever than you can lift it unaided. Using the Verb “To Be” in a Negative Sentence. Leverage is commonly used in a metaphorical sense. Guinness Book of World Records has awarded world records to various classes such as luxury liners, Rajah Kolambu the king of Mazaua told them to, He was there joined by his brother Hernando and the remaining men in two vessels that would, Thus a few recreational sailors continue to, Scurvy set in, ultimately killing 30 men and leaving only 20 to, After a month with no definitive reply, Andrade decided to, In April 1511, Alfonso de Albuquerque set, De Gonneville stated that this land was six weeks', He doesn't go ashore, and instead contents himself with scouting the city from his ship, and then sets, Shortly after, three more ships of the 2nd Armada, Ships built in Europe in the fifteenth century were designed to, It is most famous for being the place from which Columbus set, He recommended that the Portuguese should, Cadamosto, Usodimare and the unnamed Portuguese captain set, Then refitting the boat, they set out again, this time intending to, In 1488, Bartolomeu Dias becomes the first European to, Rivalry between the European powers produced intense competition for the creation of colonial empires, and fueled the rush to, In practice, evidenced both by traditional sailing routes and seasons and textual evidence junks could not, In theory this closeness of what is called sheeting allowed the junk to, The fully developed junk design exhibited innovative, though subsequently very little further developed, It is also known that Chinese trade ships traveling to Japan set, It is believed that when Lancelotto Malocello set, Two or three days after sighting this geographical feature, the treasure fleet would adjust their course to, The casualties suffered in the Philippines left the expedition with too few men to, When the next armada arrived, it would simply load up the accumulated spices from the warehouse and set, Being smaller and having a shallow keel, the caravel could, The native peoples could navigate their kayaks through the canals, which would not have penetrable by large, International maritime travel is mainly provided through the Port of Odessa, from where ferries, Prior to the era of engines on small craft, a launch was the largest boat carried on a sailing vessel, powered by, The British fleet was ordered to return home, and set, The second division, consisting of one nau and one round caravel, set, Organising the expedition on his own account he set, Allegedly the crew grew so homesick and fearful that they threatened to, After spending more than a week in Portugal, and paying his respects to Eleanor of Viseu, Columbus again set, Cruise ships and pleasure craft regularly, In 1497 Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and became the first European to, The powerful monsoons also meant ships could easily, As the voyage was intended to be completed under power, the tug was rigged as steam propelled with a, Losses of ships travelling out of convoy however were so high that no merchant ship was allowed to, By 13 March Richard had returned to England, and by 12 May he had set, Agent Bulloch arranged for a civilian crew and captain to, By the time of Augustus up to 120 ships were setting, By looking at the place where the shadow from the rod falls on a carved curve, a navigator is able to, Between 1700 and 1815, the North Sea saw only 45 years of peace, and could be regarded as the most dangerous eras to, The goal was to navigate west to east through the Northwest Passage by, The approach from the west through Bering Strait is impractical because of the need to, Because of the ships' negligible draft, the Vikings could, The Kingdom of the Franks under Charlemagne was particularly devastated by these raiders, who could, This collection method drops a weighted line to the bottom at intervals and records the depth, often from a rowboat or, Pleased with the gift, Matholwch and Branwen, He convinced the shipowner who had bought his Royal Academy picture to let him, The envoys boarded three treasure ships and set, Both ferries are based in the northern Tasmanian port city of Devonport and, At that time, as well as shipwrights, New Quay had half a dozen blacksmith shops, three, Skye is linked to the mainland by the Skye Bridge, while ferries, In June 1888, Stevenson chartered the yacht Casco and set, They mounted a single square sail on a yard, with an additional spar along the bottom of the, They would then have the choice of walking the seven miles to Bluff Cove or wait until dark to, The officers on board were told that they could not, On 1 April, Leach sent orders to a Royal Navy force carrying out exercises in the Mediterranean to prepare to, From the summer of 1940 a small but steady stream of warships and armed merchant raiders set, In 2003, several strong challengers vied for the right to, It is a test not only of sailing skill and boat and, The sails are adjusted to create a smooth laminar flow over the, Mainsail furling is almost never used while racing because it results in a less efficient, Reefing means reducing the area of a sail without actually changing it for a smaller, An important safety aspect of sailing is to adjust the amount of, It is also easier to handle than going wing and wing, as the main, Depending on the sails, this can often give as much, This can be the most comfortable point of, Argent Gerbera, Nedlloyed Hudson, Commodore, Sea Lark and Al Abduli will, It is a four-masted, square-rigged barquentine, 360 feet long, with 36,000 sq feet of, Conventional sailing craft cannot derive power from sails on a point of, Suddenly in 1823, the ship's Captain decided to, In the maritime history of Europe, the carrack and caravel both incorporated the lateen, One Viking innovation was the 'beitass', a spar mounted to the, I don't want us on a freeflight trajectory that entails lithobraking if we lose power and can't get the, In 1699 Liverpool was made a parish by Act of Parliament, that same year its first slave ship, Liverpool Merchant, set, Wellesley was promoted full colonel by seniority on 3 May 1796 and a few weeks later set, Declining the post, he returned to his regiment, now at Southampton preparing to set, At that moment however the wind changed and the fog lifted, enabling the fleet to, It was not until August 1297 that he was finally able to, There are two sailing clubs close to York, both of which, Another eighteen transports of cavalry were to, At best, they would be processed and free to return home to, Evolved from fishing ships designs, they were the first that could leave the coastal cabotage navigation and, In Jacob's Room, by Virginia Woolf, the hero and a friend of his, As I was in a state of extreme debility, I resolved to, Bolt rope, a rope sewed to the edges of a, The junk was nearer, beating in toward the island, her brown batwing, They deepened the river so that larger boats could, Because of the massive size of the new vessels, the outlet from Portsmouth needed to be surveyed to make sure that they could, Fully loaded, Nordic Orion was too large to, He joined her at Portsmouth, where he received orders to, There the Admiralty ordered him to fit Albemarle for sea and join the escort for a convoy collecting at Cork in Ireland to, Having cleared the port on the mainland, the ship put into Lundy, where the cargo was removed and stored in a cave built by the convicts, before setting, And when it was determined that we should, In 1573 English shipwrights introduced designs, first demonstrated in Dreadnought, that allowed the ships to, Soon after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, London merchants presented a petition to Queen Elizabeth I for permission to, Anxious to secure his bride, Henry recruited mercenaries formerly in French service to supplement his following of exiles and set, Confident that many magnates and even many of Richard's officers would join him, Henry set, To relieve Harfleur, Henry sent his brother, John of Lancaster, the Duke of Bedford, who raised a fleet and set, A plan is devised wherein the Spaniard would return to the mainland with Friday's father and bring back the others, build a ship, and, Since travel by sea during the period was dangerous, he would also take full confession before setting, They preferred the junk, a ship using a more robust, Meanwhile, a small band led by Balliol had set, Henry left Ireland on 17 April 1172, setting, The Royal New Zealand Yacht Club won the right to. The verb to be is a key verb in English, playing a major part in many types of constructions, as in all other European languages ( etre in French, sein in German, ser/estar in Spanish). Since effect means an "influence" in this sentence, it is the correct word to use here. A literal translation of "The sun gives light" wouldn't be wrong—but most English speakers would be more likely to say something such as "The sun sheds light" or, more simply, "The sun shines" or "The sun is shining." From Latin circumnāvigātus, perfect passive participle of circumnāvigō (“sail round something, circumnavigate”), from circum (“about, around”) + nāvigō (“sail, navigate”), from nāvis (“ship”) + agō (“do”).