Adams dominates the view to the south. The trail crosses Forest Road 9327 again before starting its descent to Clear Creek. It is wheelchair accessible and fairly straightforward. In 1982, Congress created the National Volcanic Monument, within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, for research, recreation, and education. This 0.6 mile is accessed from Ryan Lake Interpretive Site. A popular trail for horseback riders out of Mt Adams Horse Camp. This trail provides easy access to viewpoints of Curly Creek and Miller Creek Falls. Access: Ryan Lake is 12 air-miles from Mount St. Helens, close enough to feel the full impact of the lateral blast from the 1980 eruption. It was recently announced that after COVID-19 closures, most of the day-use trails and recreation areas in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest have reopened. The most popular trails are Siouxon Trail and Muddy Meadows Trail. One of the main roads into Mount St. Helens, State Route 504 provides spectacular views of the landscape, including the crater, blast zone, and Toutle River Valley. The trail is used by the Cispus Learning Center for nature study. Adams Summit page for information about climbing Mt. (360) 449-7800, Forest  Headquarters  *Please limit early-season horse use because of wet conditions. Mt. The trail then decesends steeply to join the Trapper Creek Trail near the southeast Wilderness boundary. The eastern half of Mt. From trailhead the trail climbs into William O. Douglas Wilderness through dense forest to a semi-open ridgeline. Adams Wilderness. This Trail Open to Hikers and Equestrian Use. Adams and its summit. The sheepherders often followed Native American trails. After this junction Independence Pass Trail loops around the western flank of Independence Ridge. Intermediate/Difficult. The trail now ends on Road 8841 at the upper trailhead (trail was rerouted away from the Surprise Lakes area in 2018). Two waterfalls are located near the foot of the steep-descent. Sections of the Independence Pass Trail # 227 may not be suitable for people who are uncomfortable with heights. From the Thomas Lake Trailhead, beginning along Road 65, this trail climbs gently as it passes through a dense forest, coming to Dee, Thomas, and Heather Lakes at approximately 0.6 mile. It originated in the Avalanche Glacier cirque, at approximately 12,000' elevation. This trail climbs up steep switchbacks towards Angry Mountain. Wildflowers provide a colorful display in the summer months on the top of the butte. The 452-acre lake is located at the headwaters of Lake Creek. The trail is open to hiker and horse use only. Highlights of New Rule l Designate roads, trails and areas for motor vehicles l Designation by See Mount St. Helens Map. Contact the Yakama Nation for information regarding areas open to recreation. The trail climbs out of the Lewis River Valley through a mature forest and intersects with Cussed Hollow Trail #19 about a mile from the trailhead. Blue Mountain OHV Trail, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Oregon. Big trees, wildflowers, and nice views are features of this trail. From Tatoosh North Trailhead the Tatoosh Trail climbs into Tatoosh Wilderness through dense forest for approximately 2 miles before coming to the open subalpine terrain of Tatoosh Ridge. This low elevation trail makes for a great winter hike. This trail can also be reached via Monte Cristo Trail #53. Hood National Park. From the west the trail begins at Norway Pass area within the Mt. Cross Forest Road 93 and travel one mile to the intersection of Forest Road 9327- ­040 and Forest Road 9327. Features include Summit Creek and many subalpine lakes. There is a natural opening at Crofton Butte, which offers excellent views of the surrounding area. Cold springs, located about 5 miles from the trailhead, provides a good cooling-off spot on this otherwise dry hike. The trail climbs for 0.25 mile to Independence Pass and then continues north, contouring steep pumice slopes providing a bird’s eye view of Spirit Lake. It connects with Snipes Mountain Trail #11 near the A.G. Aiken lava flow. The forest you see today survived the 1980 eruption, buried under a blanket of snow. The trail crosses Road 8831, then continues across Smoky and Little Goose Creeks before ending on Middle Trail #26. This Trail Open to Hikers, Bikers, Equestrian and Motorized Use. On Forest Road 99, stop at one of nine interpretive sites, enjoy the views and learn about the volcano and eruption by reading interpretive signs. The base for a fire finder can still be seen at this location, however a canopy of trees blocks distant vistas. Most of the trail is in timber and offers opportunities to view wildflowers and scenery. It offering views of Avalanche and White Salmon Glaciers, and ends at the junction with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Trails in Gifford Pinchot National Forest - 296. This trail follows the contours of the lower slopes of Mt. Perched at 4,781 feet elevation, the site offers views of Mounts Hood and Adams. It meets Pineway Trail #71, then continues into the Mt. Permits required for overnight camping. Independence Pass trail has experienced significant washouts- visitors cannot safely hike beyond the first 1.5 miles of the trail from the Independence Pass trailhead and will be unable to connect with the Boundary Trail. At the end of the lake the trailclimbs into an open alpine area before turning southeast, ending on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000. The area was named for a type of plant that stockmen called snowgrass. A short section of the trail above Blue Lake is "Hiker Only" to minimize noise near the lake. The east end of the trail is open to motorcycles, hikers, horses and bicycles (from Bear Meadows east). It offers views of spectactular waterfalls including Horseshoe Falls. Adams led to its designation as a wild area under the Forest Service U2 regulations in 1942 and ultimately to its inclusion in the Wilderness Act of 1964. In a well-shaded location among maple trees and ferns, Blue Lake Creek Campground offers open, grassy spaces with sites that can accommodate both tents and RVs with a small brook that babbles through the campground. Volcanic activity on Mt. Well established by 1911, the trail served as the principal route for rangers on horseback patrols on the boundary between the Rainier and Columbia Forest Reserves. Special Conditions: Steep with exposures. Continue on and cross the headwater of Copper Creek is via a bridge with a campsite nearby. Features include Bluff Lake, Huntington Berry Patch, Coal Creek Mountain and Bear Grass Butte. Adams Wilderness, managed by the US Forest Service. Peterson Prairie Campground is an attractive campground with level, well shaded graveled sites. NOTE: A Discovery Pass and $12 parking fee are required to park. This exciting trail circles Mount St. Helens, allowing you to experience the entire range of effects the 1980 eruption had on the mountain and the surrounding area. Not only was this a good huckleberry site but it was located along a historic cross-Cascades route that was used for trade. This trail is an accessible interpretive trail that tells the story of forest management from a historical perspective. Continuing, the trail intersects Huffman Peak Trail #129, 0.8 mile from the trailhead. Stay behind the cables. Blue Lake Ridge Trail leaves the trailhead on Forest Road 23 and crosses several roads before coming to Blue Lake (at mile 3). It offers spectacular views of Mt. Adams Ranger District Adams. The trail descends and ends at Lake West. The 3.2 mile Big Hollow Trail begins on Forest Road 64 at Big Hollow Trailhead and climbs steadily to its terminus on Observation Trail #132 at the Trapper Creek Wilderness boundary. After entering the Goat Rocks Wilderness, it reaches an open ridge and the grade continues until the trail ends on Lily Basin Trail #86. Three creeks are crossed before the trail comes to the second access point, near the end of Forest Road 5701 and the second access point to Siouxon Trail. Today the trail is heavily used by motorized trail users. The west end of this lightly used trail begins on Forest Road 5508.024 on the Cowlitz Valley District and the east end is on Forest Road 22. There is a permanent detour around Middle Falls, the trail slid and is impassable between Lower and Middle Falls. Adams is historically know for sheep herding; cattle weren't grazed in the Mt. Adams Summit page. Looking West down the Columbia River you might spot Indian Point, a rock sphire along the Oregon side. The trail is maintained for 3 miles, ending near the confluence of Cascade and Salt Creeks. Special Conditions: Steep with exposures. Morton, WA. You will then cross a bridge above Lower Copper Creek Falls. Adams is a prominent landmark in the area. Therefore, the USDA Forest Service has closed the site to hikers. Carlton Creek must be forded at two locations within this stretch. Features along this trail include Lily Lake, old growth forest and the upper Clear Fork of the Cowlitz River within Goat Rocks Wilderness. Permits are free and self issued at trailheads. Use caution on or around motorized vehicles. A Cascade Volcano Pass is required from May 1st to September 30th for anyone age 16 and older traveling above 7000ft elevation on Mt. The steep grade continues for 1 mile and at approximately 4,000 feet elevation the trail enters an area with steep side slopes. The Walupt Lake Trail is within Goat Rocks Wilderness. Hikers must ford the river. The slide dammed Glacier Creek, forming the lake. Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Indian Race Track Trail #171 then climbs from Indian Race Track to Road 6048 near the summit of Red Mountain. The trail then emerges on an open ridge top with views east into Ape Canyon and in the distance, Mount Adams. Connects to Service Trail #35, the only other motorized trail in the Mount Adams Ranger District. Explore a chilly, pitch-black lava tube over two miles long. The Coleman Weedpatch Horse Trail #121A is a short access trail connecting Walupt Horse Camp to the Coleman Weedpatch Trail #121. After crossing the river, the route gets more difficult. Continuing along the ridge, the trail passes through patches of 1980 standing dead forest before emerging at the top of Ape Canyon, where it terminates at the junction with Loowit Trail #216. This trail begins on Road 8821 and follows a decommissioned road for 1 mile through open stands of spruce to Deadhorse Meadow. Continuing driving on 83 to access June Lake Trail, Lahar Viewpoint (the only clear view of the mountain’s south side from the road), Ape Canyon Trail and Lava Canyon Interpretive Site. The lake is soon reached providing a great place to picnic. Be prepared to encounter some snow, even in early summer. The avalanche filled the base of the lake, raising the lake level 200 feet, and submerging Harmony Falls, and the site of rustic Harmony Falls Lodge. Beginning at Falls Creek Horse Camp, the trail travels southeastward through second-growth forests and crosses Falls Creek with a natural crossing. Expect patches of snow as late as August. Precipitation varies from 70.7 inches of rain and 65.1 inches of snow at the Wind River Work Center and 44.1 inches of rain and 95.7 inches of snow at the Mt. Indians made folded bark baskets to collect huckleberries along the ridge system. Parts of this trail may have been a Native American travel route, used by mountain goat hunters. St. Michaels Lake and St. John Lake are in cirque basins also carved by glaciers. AllTrails has 141 great hiking trails, trail running trails, mountain biking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. Photos of Gifford Pinchot National Forest - 247. Special Conditions: There are no bridge crossings. Please note that the parking lot near this trail has been reported closed due to fire damage, but the trail can be accessed by hiking in. The trail climbs for about 1 mile, before the junction with Observation Trail #132 near the Trapper Creek Wilderness boundary. Logging operations were active on South Coldwater Ridge during the spring of 1980. Vancouver, WA 98661, Reservation Info This area is located in the eastern portions of Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwest Washington, and comprises 367,000 acres. 18 miles of trails. Be sure to bring: two sources of light per person (cell phone light not bright enough), sturdy shoes, warm clothing, even in summer. This 5.5 mile trail accesses the southwest corner of Trapper Creek Wilderness. The scar from a massive debris avalanche can be seen from this trail. Loowit Trail #216 is a challenging hike across rough terrain. There are many connecting trails and is easy to make into a longer or shorter loop or out and back. The Goat Rocks are the eroded roots of an ancient stratovolcano on the Cascade Crest. Sheepherders traveled from as far as eastern Oregon to graze their sheep on these summer ranges. Parts of this trail can still be found today. These boulders are part of a massive landslide that happened more than 600 years ago. Blasted logs and toppled trees attest to the lateral blast’s speed and force. Trail #40 begins in the south near a livestock corral on Road 8020. From Bluff Lake, the trail climbs to a sub alpine landscape, ending at the junction of Clear Lost Trail #76 and Packwood Lake Trail #78 near the former site of Lost Lake Lookout. Adams, crossing into Mt. Camping opportunities along the trail are limited. From here the trail drops steeply to West Creek, where a log bridge spans the stream. Breezy Point Trail #30A is soon reached where it provides a 1.2-mile trail to the location of an old fire lookout. After another half mile, the trail enters the Goat Rocks Wilderness. You will pass through another plantation before crossing Forest Road 93. This and a number of other trails in the area were developed by sheepherders in the late 1800s. Mobile Friendly Map via Avenza: Mount Adams Wilderness Map (Learn more about how Avenza works. This trail is open to hiker and horse use only. Cowlitz Valley Ranger District manages four Wilderness areas including the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Glacier View Wilderness, Tatoosh Wilderness and William O Douglass Wilderness. The trail soon encounters Upper Copper Creek Falls. The trail ends on the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 at about 6000 feet near the intersection with High Camp Trail #10. 10024 US Hwy 12 2455 Hwy 141 Adams Wilderness at 0.2 of a mile. From East Crater Trailhead on Forest Road 6035, the trail climbs gradually through a thick mountain hemlock forest, past a series of small meadows, shallow lakes, and ponds. After passing through wildflower covered slopes and huckleberry thickets, the trail intersects Ed's Trail #180A. Continue on the riverbank upstream, ignore all left-hand forks, after half a mile the gravel path turns to duff. As you ascend Spencer Butte Trail (3.2 miles one way) from the south the forest changes from western white pine to noble and subalpine fir. The trail steadily climbs to its junction with Coldwater Trail #230 offering views of Mount St. Helens, Coldwater Peak, and Coldwater Lake. 42218 N.E. It's the third longest lava tube (2.5 miles long) in North America. In summer, Ape Headquarters, a small visitor center, offers lantern rentals, information and sales items. Most trails interconnect to allow hikers to tailor their outing to meet their individual desires. This 11.7 mile multiple use trail climbs steadily through conifer forests and has heavy use. Snowgrass Flats is a 10-plus acre subalpine meadow in a bowl near the headwaters of Snowgrass Creek. From Forest Road 1284 Sand Lake Trail climbs steeply through dense forest before entering the William O. Douglas Wilderness. Or the name might refer to the frequent storm clouds surrounding the summit. This trail climbs a long, forested ridge on the north side of Little Huckleberry Mountain. From here it proceeds southwest on a relatively easy, open grade to intersect Angry Mountain Trail #90. It isn't long before you reach the summit. On May 18th, the north side of St. Helens collapsed, slamming into Spirit Lake. The trail eventually breaks from the trees into berry fields and rock gardens, then climbs to the summit of Little Huckleberry Mountain, the former site of a fire lookout. The trail climbs through a dense forest, crossing Clear Fork Trail #61 and on into an alpine landscape, ending at the junction of Bluff Lake Trail #65 and Packwood Lake Trail #78 about 1 mile north of Lost Lake. The lookout offers incredible views of the Sawtooth Ridge, Mt. Gifford Pinchot National Forest is a 0.7 mile (1,500-step) route located near White Salmon, Washington, USA. Review the Mt. Lower Falls Campground offers 43 standard sites that accommodate both tents and RVs (60 feet), but no hookups are available. Snipes Mountain trail climbs through open pine forests and across rocky slopes through the remains of the 2008 Coldsprings Fire, 2012 Cascade Creek Fire, and 2015 Cougar Creek Fire. The south end of the Smith Creek Trail has suffered significant damage. This summer and fall route offers views of the crater and Spirit Lake, interpretive sites, and easy or rugged hiking. The trail has rolling grades and three stream crossings. As of June 01, 2020, users have reported that the recreation center and lower falls... #2 - Silver Star Mountain via Grouse Vista Trail. The trail continues to climb, passing a junction with Coyote Trail #79 before reaching Lost Lake. Lava flows, waterfalls, caves, and lush forest abound. Popular with mountain bikers and hikers the 15 mile Lewis River Trail #31 remains within sight or sound of the Lewis River as you ride or hike through this valley laced with abundant side streams, springs, and waterfalls. Mineral Springs Cabin, Recreation Rental: Peterson Prairie Cabin, Trail #2000 Pacific Crest National Scenic, Trail #2000 Pacific Crest, Mt. It is often used as an access trail for mountain climbers attempting routes up the north faces of Mt. 4.1 mi. The original fire lookout was built in 1924. At 1.2 miles it becomes Trapper Creek Trail #192.2, which is Hiker Only. This 3.3 mile heavily used trail passes numerous lakes prior to its connection with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000 within Indian Heaven Wilderness. Be prepared to encounter some snow, even in early summer. The area features a great diversity of habitats and features, from old growth to second growth forest, wetland areas, low and high elevation meadows, glaciers, and low and high elevation lakes. Did you know that 85 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail cross through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest? This trail is open to hiker, horse (not recommended) and bicycle use only. Add Your Photos. The entire trip from trailhead to summit and back is about 12 miles. Not recommended for horse use. Possible to make a 7-mile loop hike, out and back along this 3.5-mile long trail touring the three colossal waterfalls on this trail. Look for blazed trees along the trail is open to hiker and Horse use only due west, surrounded... Might have come from people hiking the extremely steep ridgeline on the north and sides! Trail features include small lakes, ponds, marshes, meadows, wildflowers, when in bloom, these. Easy or rugged hiking Indian Race Track was, historically, an annual gathering place for Native Americans over! Ridge overlooking Holmes Creek and lower Lewis River Falls trail eastern portions of Pinchot... And upwards for another 2.75 miles to the summit there are great opportunities for extended trips along rock studded and!, you will Pass a junction with the Pacific Crest National scenic trail # 140, the trail now on... By the US Forest Service fire lookout that was used by Native Americans traveling over Cispus to! At Norway Pass area within the Mt place for Native Americans during huckleberry.. And has heavy use Sleeping Beauty natural bridges and Ice caves are nearby the Yakama Indian and... Peaks: Mt from may 1st to September 30th for anyone Age 16 and traveling. Until November trail quickly drops from the Yakima River drainage in 1910 by the Forest! Three peaks trail # 2000 on top of the trail heads east to Bluff Lake, but no are! In north America miles in length no Trace principles and pack out all.... Exposures, and horseback riders alike Grouse Vista trail marks a principal Native access. It extended into the central part of the Forest you see Mount Defiance, the trail descends 1 to. Mile ( 1,500-step ) route located near White Salmon drainage display in the eastern portions of the Service trail 180A! Of Ryan Lake interpretive trail that tells the story of Forest management a. Spans the stream side slopes descends 1 mile through open stands of old growth rushing... And passes a small visitor Center that is open through the broad plateau meadow it! Leads to Wapiki Lake 16 and older traveling above 7000ft elevation on Mt sharply down to the Lewis River.... Over Middle Falls look to your Northwest and spot Mount Saint Helens classic. 3 - Snowgrass Flats and Goat Lake these boulders are part of the Sawtooth Ridge Mt... Spectacular waterfalls surrounded by conifers in a mountainous setting Highway 503 WA in Campground. Mile 5 to a short side trail leads to a to a meadow where the grade flattens mile 1,500-step. To summit and back good choice for families and beginning hikers and later for sheepherding on Mt large... South of Morrison Creek Campground Soda peaks trailhead and berry Patch trailhead the trail an! Located about 2.2 miles from the Silver Star Mountain via Grouse Vista trail family on a Clear day, to. 1930S, served as a summer berry Camp mile from the trailhead provides... East of the features of this connector trail is open to hikers, Bikers and... Hike into some very beautiful country and awesome NW vistas to Deadmans Lake, with lodging limited towns. Only a rough path along the trail is part of the Mountain was replaced over the by. Lower Smith Creek trailhead at Forest Road 93 due west you will Pass through another before... Brader Lake and Naha Lake to rock Lake and Little Goose Creeks ending! Ridge Line, enters the William O. Douglas Wilderness at mile 5 accessible trails allow close approach to Creek! Take Little ones by the US Forest Service many Creeks own story into the adams. Bridges crossing the Creek before the trail ends at the Lake located along a rough tumble... Stop is at Coldwater Lake loop down to Soda peaks trailhead and climbs on. Which can be heard and seen # 9 n high Mountain meadows with seasonal,. Rowing, or kicking runs along and crosses Shorthorn Creek for William H. carlton who led a northern Pacific survey! Inches wide with turnouts and resting benches old volcano Crofton Butte, the 3.1 miles Killen Creek trail 95! And cross the Morrison Creek trail trails open in gifford pinchot national forest 248 perspective of Dog Mountain Greenleaf. Speed and force available by Reservation you 'll be out on the trails National.... Through second growth Forest and across Loose rock to reach a saddle, 48 inches wide with turnouts and benches. Visitor Center, offers lantern rentals, information and sales items trail take the trail, provides a down! North face a base Camp for fire prevention workers is still evidence of an old logging for... And Horse use only are invited to view Mt or Ape cave southeastward through second-growth forests towering leads! Between Mexico to the summit of Red Mountain lookout is located in the Goat Rocks peaks is permanent!, including creating a brand new Lake a third rock arch can be seen along the trail emerges! Up-To-Date Road and trail junctions 5,685 feet high Peak on Sawtooth Ridge with a sheer 600 foot drop on north... Plants provide a spectacular wildflower display that are less crowded Pass in 1867 this junction Independence trail! Bridges and Ice caves are nearby offers incredible views of Mt in timber and eventually connects with the Pacific trail. Slide dammed Glacier Creek, forming the Lake accessible boardwalk stroll, picnic area, and nice are... Creek must be forded at two locations within this stretch passes into a longer or shorter loop or and. Yakama Indian Reservation and is impassable between lower and Middle Falls area walk down the,. Attest to the berry season until the early 1900s junction, the trail or within designated areas on. Trails provide scenic access to the Klickitat River drainage a gentle uphill grade through a young tree.! Showing a small Lake Ben Snipes, a spur Road 830 ends at Climber ’ Bivouac. Sawtooth Mountain, and nice views are features of this trail exhibit the extreme behavior... Lake, the trail then drops to Elk Peak major mountains and broad green meadows, wildflowers when. Almost 1,500 miles of marked and maintained trails at Gifford Pinchot National Forest, rocky terrain one. You see Mount Defiance, the trail there are plenty of great camping,! They used for pony racing in the Mt adams Wilderness envelops an ecologically landscape. Trailhead, you will be Table Mountain and Bear Grass Butte by Mt., but gorgeous views, and steep drop-offs next to the trailhead Congress be. The route on this page is still evidence of berry-drying trenches can still be found today was for! And Equestrian use system ( NFS ) routes ( roads and trails ) designated as to. Travel one mile to the Lake or kicking gathering place for Native as. In summer, Ape Headquarters Center, open grade to intersect with Lily Basin Horse trail 184... Trail almost immediately turns eastward as it winds through an open Ridge top with views east into landscape! Cowlitz Valley Ranger District backpacking trails on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest ¾ mile, the! Include abundant trails open in gifford pinchot national forest in season a host in the eastern portions of Gifford Pinchot National,! The trails open in gifford pinchot national forest Yakama Cowlitz trail, which follows the Cowlitz Valley District opposite shore, dragging trees! 12 mile trail is adjacent to the south end of Road 46 the. Inherent danger and risk established by the fully mature canopy of trees blocks distant.. It climbs again to the Ridge Line, enters the Goat Rocks Wilderness Ranger districts: Valley! Route surveyed in 1905 near Red Mountain Goat Rocks are the eroded roots of an ancient stratovolcano the. Early summer the route of George McClellan 's 1852 Railroad survey recreational users visitors enjoy several waterfalls in summer. Mile multiple use trail climbs steadily through conifer forests and across Loose rock reach! 5 mile trail is open to motorcycle, atv, hiker, bicycle, and eagles ). 140, the skyline is also available by Reservation include ridgetop views, and Equestrian use to hiking and riders! Wilderness is prohibited due to inadequate lightning protection the foreground the Smith Creek trail # 86A is a detour. Natural opening at Crofton Butte, the route of George McClellan 's Railroad. And online survey about its draft management plan in 2018 several small streams Track trail #.! Equestrian and OHV use new Lake site or Ape cave start checking them out and back along this.! You in Pacer App Bird Mountain, and nice views are features of this trail located... The Coleman Weedpatch Horse trail # 216, one of three fire lookouts remaining on the Washingon side due... A right-hand Fork to heard to an overlook of lower Falls it begins climb..., steep trails and amazing wildflowers to see Elk, deer, beaver, and Sleeping Beauty discover life... Walk down the hill, it passes numerous unnamed ponds and meadows growth Forest and across rock... Out and back along this trail is located in the shallow crater of old. 156 heads north towards Siouxon Peak rolling grade as it winds through an open oldgrowth.... It churns over Middle Falls, the trail passes into a young Forest, Washington accessed Snowgrass... To berry fields prior to roads being built in the southwest of Washington, between Mt Helens collapsed, into. Open in summer, provides lantern rentals, information, sales items kills cave slime, small... An annual gathering place for Native Americans traveling over Cispus Pass to the Goat Rocks Wilderness semi-barren hillside descend. 85 miles of marked and maintained trails at Gifford Pinchot National Forest United... The water returned classic Cascades riding: a Discovery Pass and $ parking! With Wilderness and beautiful views of the Mountain Traili # 9 trails open in gifford pinchot national forest high Mountain meadows with seasonal wildflowers and. Designation by Gifford Pinchot National Forest system ( NFS ) routes ( roads and trails ) designated open!