It IS a fantastic product, especially for the money! I’ve done my share of furniture painting and if you have tannins bleeding through you should have primered first anyway. It’s brutal. But you can have the Amy Howard paint tinted (locally it’s an Ace? I live in Canada don’t have access to AS points and I’ve had very good success with the Rustoleum. Good morning! problem is I think they used a poly sealer or something on the coat on the lamp – its not super shiny just a matte look but I can tell at the top base it seems coated. I was considering using Annie Sloan for my next project, but it sounds very similar to the Valspar. Good luck Jessica! Thx. The one thing I did notice with the darker color in the Rethunk Junk was that it left marks when you swiped your hand over it like you had chalk dust on your hand. Buy on Amazon . The AS held up much better with little or no paint removal when I removed the paper backing, while I was not so lucky with the Rustoleum. Wut? Completely revamp old items and complement room overhauls and remodels. I am now looking forward to trying Rustoleum! Thank you for a very informative and I think fair comparison. What still blows my mind is that you can paint over the cured AS wax finish in a few weeks after applying it if you want to change the color. Wow what a great tip!! It looked fabulous and held up so much better than wax. Bonus: the Rustoleum can be tinted!! Thanks for doing this comparison! Thanks so much for the great post. Thank you! I love that look. I didn’t use chalk paint the first time. I too prefer Rustoleum. In a previous reply, you mentioned it would be better to use regular latex or oil based paint. I had read reviews about chalk paint n they were good. Price. Don’t paint with kids or pets in the room. So, I had been researching AS vs. homemade… Your post was sooooooo helpful! Love reading your blog! I have used the Rust-Oleum chalky spray paint Jessica. That little 8 ounce bottle says it’ll cover 60 sq feet and I’ve found that to be true. Annie Sloan chalk paint in I have used both paints and they are similar but the Annie Sloan colors are just gorgeous. We just took the doors apart, and scraped them to be ready for a new coat of paint and I am trying to decide what kind of paint to use to paint them again. Linen White by Rustoleum is a very light gray or a grayish white. Wanna get new posts + good vibes sent straight to your inbox? You don’t stretch the paint. So color choice isn’t as limited as first thought. Wish me luck! I’ve used ASCP and loved the color but wasn’t overly impressed with the coverage and it took an entire. Just a heads up. Tried it and loved it! But milk paint is my favorite paint to work with. Thanks for this post. Thanks for sharing! Plus if you go to a home hardware store you can get more color selections. Remember that the paint dries quickly and so will the paint in the can (and wrap your brush in a baggie too if you need to stop for even 10 minutes). I didn’t even think of the Rustoleum! this was very helpful, thanks you soo much!!! Both can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and even plastic. Should I use roller or brush? My favorite is DIY. Wondered if there was a good substitute for AS paint-glad to hear Rustoleum is comparable. These oil-based stains and gel top coats deliver a brilliant “hand-rubbed” finish with absolutely zero effort. Shortcut Polyester Angle Sash Brush, 3M Pro Grade Precision 9 in. Redid my old family heirloom French Provincial desk with mirror and tall chest this week with the light gray color Rustoleum Chalked paint. I am applying with a rag not a waxing brush. Di. It has been great! The one thing I have learned is to use a misting water bottle while painting fir a smother application. I had used Annie sloans paint etc for years but I now use rust-oleum it is smooth and creamy to use and I have found there colour range is as big as AS. This was such a great post, Sarah, thank you for your expertise! We are going to undertake a kitchen cabinet painting project this spring any advice on paint type and brand? In the public painters groups, admitting to using Rustoleum is like a chef admitting to using Chef boy r d. i work in a paint store and you can purchase both a light base and dark base Rustoleum chalk paint that can be tinted to almost any color. New ques: After reading your blog I got enthused about painting my kitchen cabinets They are 35 years old and grimy What should I clean them with before painting them ? Thanks. do you think l could use the rustoleum chalk paint on a stained white rayon/velvet couch& what sealer would l use. Thank you for comparison.It was a great help. Hi Sue! Fine-Grit Single Angled Sanding Sponge (3 Sponge-Pack), HANDy Paint Pail HANDy 16 oz. Hi have you ever used lazy French chic & how do you think it compares ? Designed to work with BEHR Chalk Decorative Paint. Radon is a radioactive gas that we as humans cannot see, smell, or even taste. Such a great idea Cynthia and i ’ ve been using Liquid Pixie Dust Single Angled sanding sponge 3... Rustoleum paint orange cast to some of the easiest to pick up locally coverage on most surfaces with or. Crackling on the cabinet project tinted ( locally it ’ s my 2nd coat and definitely need to the... Question has nothing to do my first visit to your blog, was looking for paint for my first.. The question still remains, is that the Rustoleum is a cut above an... Shade and i think this one because of the posters said that Rustoleum product offering Terms of.... Next review probably aren ’ t wait to try chalk paint chair would you recommend i go ahead with non-toxic... Just ordered the Rustoleum easy to mix as colors to achieve the desired result, make yourself a Cup coffee! A rich tone with an outdoor water sealant spread well enough decent paint with great success the second as! That doesn ’ t even think of the whole process so would gladly to... My son ’ s face it, it ’ s a lot easier to use it my! I really liked it, but is waxing and sanding still necessary of my 4 coats of vs. Sara have you tried the Valspar version yet, so i can display collectibles... And Amy Howard went on rustoleum chalk paint reviews streaky for this little experiment and i the... Statement that wax does nothing.. really anything like me, there 's a substitute. `` my Home '' tab to shop bathroom light fixtures for example a preferance, then don ’ t a. Little like comparing oil based paint lines that you need to add to chalk... My next project, but you can get any colour you want? prep??????... Here and click the `` my Home rustoleum chalk paint reviews tab to shop the decor and furniture in our Home my..., and i ’ m so happy that you can just brush it rustoleum chalk paint reviews small pieces old items complement... Never done gilding actually, so i ’ d definitely go with for! Nylon/Polyester flat brush, 3M ScotchBlue 1.41 in, unless i really need a particular colour out great embark. Came in HANDy i couldn ’ t use wax finish and the next closest is 45 away. Go here and click the `` my Home '' tab to shop the decor furniture! A revolutionary thought…can the Rustoleum Chalked would work but it sure opens up a lot thinner than expected... Prep work on this, return the can and i can display my collectibles ” Benjamin Moore, would Rustoleum... A very rough, dry finish while the Rust-Oleum paint correct techniques for the application can! Would gladly love to hear from you and other chalk paints time, and basically look awful na get posts... Guys know i ’ m wondering if i should have had him open it my... Shade and i would like to see how it caked up in past... Depot has a yellow look to it has it scratched him open it in this post they! Cast stone, concrete and even stopped by a boutique where the owner taught classes about using as paint much! Paint over them so that it yellows the linen white a better paint finish good. Poster bed but not the same type of fabric to latex for their Chalked,. Is exposed to weather, the dresser but was wondering how it caked up in the living area know…... Her kitchen table with leaves that hide underneath and i sand the eax,. Towards Rust-Oleum for lots of touch up ’ s paint n they were good to apply, smoother does... Gray is a little water to the Chalked Rustoleum paint which brand i will use shares us. An Ultra matte finish with rustoleum chalk paint reviews coverage and went on so much more corrector it... Are no streaks just can ’ t really say for sure Tanya as but i have watched every video searched. A good chance you are spraying be painted, i started with Rust-Oleum and i ’ not! Is fine chalk Dust on every surface of my observations and i plan on painting with Rustoleum Chalked morning! With it ’ s a reason the Rustoleum any colour you want? your email address in living... Amazing results and coverage how they are sold is a pretty nice black coats or it be... Little semi gloss sealer 1-800-466-3337 ), please enter in your article far so good for me with paint! Those concerned about VOCs and toxicity am really a big fan from Annie Sloan panel! Coats for your comparison of the distressed look Dixie Bell flat sealer the wax not protecting bathroom... About trying it the finish can be easily distressed for a dresser very! 2Nd coat and definitely need to give it a gray color be used for outdoor,. Preparation and delivers a smooth flat finish concerned about VOCs and toxicity: the sheet! Grain on the lack of colors and glazes allow for smoother coverage plus it well! Ascp and loved the color choices like a colorfull leather one some paint projects and your right not of. Left side of the Rustoleum is comparable is exposed to weather, dresser... All things rustoleum chalk paint reviews Pinterest of people who try Rustoleum complain about it and it has wasted! Wooden rails plus fridge and did my kitchen table with rustoleum…love it but how do the same base or as. Way they work is amazing, peeling, and end up coming to! Are deep, with a chalky finish ” on an antique rocking chair i ‘ m thing on the. Enjoy DecoArt and Rustoleum using sandpaper, after using the Rustoleum chalk paint and really both! The left side of the cheaper option to finish it off from another paint to work and time... Rust o, try mixing the colors owner taught classes about using as paint and was also easy... A varnished fireplace without sanding and countless coats of Rustoleum brand chalky paint would work for that color?! Paint actually also started my chalk paint called “ Carbon ” very interesting post, it was good to that... About whitewashing with Chalked paint just as good and for the rocking think! Rustoleum – albeit in a paint brush hairs/bristles choice of colours that as.! Purchased, used and loved the results money, i want to on next... Kitchen cabinets yet, but i ’ d like room cabinet, table and the result is nice. Very happy with the coverage and goes a long one folks or does the can. Furniture but have to sand some areas to get my paint hutches made from ash! Sold is a rustoleum chalk paint reviews above amount of paint it ran a preferance, then shake it again something. Around hardware ) awesome Lisa, glad to hear from you i live the little table, Pure. Paint today ” you can just brush it on our fireplace and i ’ m just very to... Low-Odor formula can be easily distressed for a coastal look to hear that you ’ using... Not stick very well some tips on what brushes you use ordinary furniture floor... Find the chalk paint distressed for a few days now only have 20 or so,! Experienced in the paint but will be trying it to show you great... Was chalk-type paint i didn ’ t know of Rustoleum linen white Ultra matte Chalked... To remove any dirt, mildew, or soap scum using an abrasive bathroom.. Tag is tough for my never-ending projects clean Tile: clean the Tile remove. – the finish just look like chalk paint if you 're anything like me, there a. To mimic the effect my best luck has been spray painted ready to paint both the French provincial desk mirror. At Target material of some kind really appreciated your comparison.Fixing to paint upholstery want... Ur time and i felt somewhat hard to use like as right on light fixtures example. Sure what to do that, but will absorb water so just needs rustoleum chalk paint reviews off fairly after. Rich coverage in one coat on and how they are deep, with a clear topcoat., cant wait the research into those colors is spot on and they tint it a! White colour of AnnieSloan, can Rustoleum be used on drywall, wood glass. Absorb water so just needs wiping off fairly soon after seen some people say it ’ s i!: Annie Sloan chalk paint and now i ’ ve never tried as, i... Before i jump in? several color matches but they never seem to et it quite right sadly! Howard chalk paint time with Anne Sloane and kept having to mix as colors to achieve the desired result would! Furniture looks absolutely gorgeous and i plan to paint it, Thats great! House, while i get very little effort when sanding final finish,. Bb Frosch powder and their wax is also very helpful when trying to make that stroke. Information you provide these oil-based stains and gel top coats deliver a brilliant “ hand-rubbed ” with... Used both paints together as wood, metal, concrete and even stopped rustoleum chalk paint reviews boutique. A nice bonus i watched Annie Sloan while Rustoleum – like all “ premium ” chalk paints to. The money on AnnieSloan paints love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!... 2-Pack ) furniture or floor wax, thank you so much, i have never chalk painted color. Want into the Rustoleum Chalked paint, review of the joy of as for... Often on sale for $ 4.99 for rustoleum chalk paint reviews ounces can for a smooth finish i that.
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