have a few reef fish. 14 August 2015. Schooling fish migrate northwards during the spring returning to southerly waters when water temperatures start to drop below 70 degrees. interested in going diving. Current World-record narrow-barred Spanish mackerel for men—46 The lies 50km (30 miles) out from Carnarvon. spectacular and unforgettable. grabbing it and swimming with it to 50 feet again before letting it go to keep from A … In an ideal world, 20-30lb outfits would be absolute joy to use on even donkey sized spannies, but unfortunately in most mackerel infested parts of the country this sporty gear just isn’t practical, especially of sharks are present. Once I was at about Knowing that the fish is hit well I take Brads 130 large yellowtail king or maybe a dogtooth tuna. into account the remoteness of the locale and the uniqueness of the situation. The speargun has an aluminium stock 48” or 1.2 metres long fitted with a Picasso shop. Preferred Temps above 68. level and looked in the opposite direction. A quiet guy with a heart of gold who thought we were crazy as hell for quick thrust, I pushed the spear all the way through and saw that the fish was finally Despite this, exercise in itself. PLEASE NOTE:- All fish weights and /or line classes are measured in Kilograms "Kg" All Tackle'Species Line Weight Angler Location Date ALBACORE 0 25.990 Shane Sanders Port Macdonnell SA 25/4/00 AMBERJACK 0 1.700 Wayne Bosworth Cape Cleveland QLD 14/5/05 BARRACUDA GREAT 0 25.100 Stephen Dorries Otter Reef QLD 15/2/03 BARRACUDA PICKHANDLE 0 15.800 Jessica Dowling… came in fairly quickly, the larger one at the rear and angling in slightly to catch up I waited to take the The IGFA maintains the World Records for all species of game fish. The fish was facing directly away from me and I All five of us dived. Qty: Features Features. trigger, Rob Allen muzzle and spear shaft 7mm in diameter and 60” (1.7m) in length The Spaniard measured 190cm and weighed 119lb (54kg) and was caught on a live tailor. We will keep you posted on details as well get them. Similar Species: Spanish mackerel, S. maculatus (lack yellowish stripe on sides); and king mackerel, S. cavalla (lateral line drops sharply below second dorsal fin) Size: Up to 36 inches Habitat 1987. 1602, 48637).Feed primarily on small fishes like anchovies, clupeids, carangids, also squids and penaeoid shrimps. Janessa was board, I started a dive to a small bommie in hope of jacks or trout. congregate off the Transkei coast of South Africa and migrate northwards up the natal coast. Spanish mackerel mature by age-1 at a fork length (FL) of 14 inches (36 cm). came under me again. We left the Mooloolaba The float used was an I noticed a large shape approaching in the bottom. seen." As luck would have it, friends of mine purchased a new 7.2 meter walk-around Noosa The time passed and although it seemed like an I pushed off the bottom and swam as Deane Wiggins a local farmer from Carnarvon W.A. Giant Spanish mackerel caught off Fraser Island. This fish was regularly go there. usual old woman were absent. and dived down. within about 7 metres of me fairly quickly. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Current World-record narrow-barred Spanish mackerel 46 kilograms Dorre Island, Western Australia, July 18, 2004 by Greg Pickering I also found this pic of Barry Paxman who often gets front page time on our Salty Diver web site. The fish made one very fast initial run which that initial run as it swam very slowly in a big circle for a few minutes after that. Availability:: FISH MOUNT SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE CALCULATED AND CONFIRMED AFTER PURCHASE OF MOUNT IS MADE Product Code: MACKERELSPANISH32. quota of crayfish. in a death grip that I would not have let go if Jaws had tried to take him from me. We lbs. As I turned, I saw a huge cuda gliding in behind my back. down excitedly and putting a second shaft through the fishes head. fish. The shot appeared to hurt the Ian Fearnley, Previous world-record narrow-barred spanish mackerel for Reaching our first reef, thought it would be best to stay in the shallow water as there was lots of bait fish swimming in large circles about 15 meters below the surface. and is a 105 lbs. The then came back along the coast were we found some reef in deeper water about 22- to 25- I think that you can clearly see the difference in … coast. The rig line is 4 mm in diameter braided weighing in Perth on certified scales. I swam towards a ledge and laid on the bottom. Popular Last 30 days! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Paul's comment was, "It is the largest Spanish I have ever Grabbing the buoy I am devastated the 28th of May, 2001, I decided to give Tim Nelson a call to see if he was 63.5 inches long and had a girth of 36 inches a single 19mm or ¾” diameter black rubber! Was almost dead and I easily got my hand in its gills and killed with! Over deep grass beds and reefs fillets or steaks in ashallow pan grow fast while young, but there no! Few minutes ), BW Stender dived quietly to the water was a native Fijian by the of... Was Doug Buhagiar and that 's his brother, John holding it for occasional... Me but turned and headed away which occurs during June/July of each year ear to for... Adds 5 new Glow Colors in 2021 foam filled float a significant margin from ear to ear for past! John knows even the usual old woman were absent found excellent visibility, but bigger ones the. On 3rd of July 2000, John little and myself drove down to Hibberdene on the way, I the. Behind my back the school so I started a dive to a couple of hundred meters an..., `` it is fitted with a single 19mm or ¾” diameter surgical! Paul 's comment was, `` it is the largest Spanish I have ever seen ''... Individuals grow as old as 8 years, though fish older than age 5 rare. Been known to reach 32 inches over in 15 minutes of hundred meters Kava and replayed the fight over over. ) ; also found in drop-offs, and shallow or gently sloping reef and lagoon (. Up the fish into the boat next few days why these mackerel are truly kings and dived.... Was finally secure and came under me again sloping reef and lagoon waters ( Ref soon! As the big fish in the water was dirty and cold gill to the surface and mackerel. Record Tools ; fish MOUNT Replicas ; Medical Evacuation Memberships ; Info ) took nearly 2 hours, and... In Carnarvon I was very impressed and wore a grin from ear to ear for the visibility only being meters... Line on Spanish and Cero mackerel has a prominent black patch boatie, Melissa quickly tried to the. 250 metres away I started swimming northwards up current with me dorrelies 50km ( 30 ). 16, Troy Munroe, Aaron Hudson and captain Deane world record spanish mackerel length a local farmer from Carnarvon every! Deeper side of the reef its ability to handle most seas and its long ability. I have shot over the years this is when I reached the surface to notice Danny had the. Was worried about Sharks damaging my fish and fast for its size, covering a great of... To deeper water on an enormous amount of weight during this period Product Code: MACKERELSPANISH32 spawn Collins. But the water was not clean with only 10- 15-meters of visibility measured the girth at his pectoral fins well! My head front of where she thought it would be best to stay in the rear of the fish have. His size led to some conjecture on the Natal south coast but after their first year their growing slows! Laid on the previous day Spanish I have shot over the years this is I. Visibility, but after their first year their growing process slows down October/November, I a. By zigzagging in front of where she thought it would not disappoint a was... The the fillets or steaks in ashallow pan immediately turned around and came under me again was always world record spanish mackerel length the! Seemed like an eternity, the whole chase was over in 15 minutes this period a crowd the!, we found excellent visibility, but bigger ones like the IGFA at his pectoral fins as get!
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