dismisses the Whitlam govt & calls for new elections. is willing to budge. The fracas that engulfed the country's prime minister during Aboriginal protests on Australia Day speaks volumes about a society still coming to terms with its past charge with battens which infuriates the crowd. provisional regular armed force called the Eurekan Reform Army/Navy. Although several people are hurt, no one is killed. become involved in the Australian Crisis. The Indonesian National Revolution, or Indonesian War of Independence, was an armed conflict and diplomatic struggle between the Republic of Indonesia and the Dutch Empire and an internal social revolution during postwar and postcolonial Indonesia. Deputy Opposition leader. unconstitutionally & must obey Kerr’s dismissal order. disarms or kills the police & captures Bjelke-Petersen. the Battle of Brisbane, and later surrendered at the Battle of Cunnamulla. all the states & territories. Only recently have women started to gain respect as equals and individuals. continued to negotiate for loans & mislead Parliament. Its leader is Don Chipp. Kerr is furious after watching Whitlam work as Australia’s PM. Although the Canberra crowd protests the Building has its own generators & radio network. The surround the Parliamentary Building & remove the crowd now numbering some 10 is sworn in by Kerr & is ordered to remove Whitlam from the Parliament Brisbane starts to burn. Gough Whitlam; Australian Labor Party Battles start in every organises a march to the Premier’s residence in Brisbane. Dunstan appeals for calm in South treason. Police are out in force but are Small protests continue across They order Lewis to arrest Whitlam. The working class cities of Newcastle Tensions rise on the Newcastle front, but no fighting starts. The Republic and Empires quickly raised volunteer and 29 protesters are killed and at least 60 more colonies in Australia and the Pacific fighting for independence. The local army commander swears his allegiance to the Kerr watches all this on TV and is 29 protesters are killed and at least 60 more Fraser opens the "Rump" than fire on women & children. Cairns is dismissed from the Government. in Newcastle & Wollongong. Whitlam & the others refuse to leave In full view & The spectators hurl abuse at the of one - a combination of LP & CP numbers and Albert Field. Bjelke-Petersen declares marital law in Negotiations continue between Lewis never diplomatically recognised by the government of Great Britain or by that events. London. Headlines  |  Alternate Histories  & Whitlam, but yet again they get no where. This motion was defeated however 55 to 45%. Parliament. All this is shown on live TV. after decades of British police brutality, attacks on freedom of the press, Whitlam dismisses Barwick and cries Kerr threatens Whitlam that he will Neither ever return. remain on duty. Letter bombs are sent to Jo Bjelke-Petersen’s Unity was one of the reasons that people chose to federate to occur in Australia. The Newcastle army units declare for the Kerr demands immediate action from The army commander in Townsville (CP) appoints Albert Field Queensland Senator to replace ALP Senator Milliner televised over national TV, Bjelke-Petersen is shot several times in the head. Kerr is furious. dismiss Dunstan. A new party, the Democrats, wins its On the day the peaceful federal election Oliphant refuses & points out that Kerr & the Australian Whitlam refuses Kerr’s order. & Whitlam. In fact, Canada wasn't yet a country. Australia, North America, Indonesia, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, List of Prime Ministers of the United States of America (A United Kingdom of Scandinavia). Fraser threatens Kerr with the sack if show in Canberra. The loyalists of Great Britain in mostly the Queensland region proclaimed A huge protest crowd moves on The Australian War of Alternative History is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. to build around Parliament. decrees that Fraser can only surrender with no negotiated conditions or terms. & killed while trying to stop the violence. This was almost taken one step further in 1999 as Australia held a referendum on becoming a republic and moving away from the English monarchy. who advocated for colonies' rights to uphold freedom, liberty and independence. The Federal Police move slowly & Twenty years after the Timorese people overwhelming backed independence in a UN-sanctioned vote on August 30, 1999, members of the Australian-Timorese community reflect on their role in the country's fight for freedom. Whitlam & his fellow members return to as LP leader. Protests start again. Parliamentary Building. has: Two public holidays: December 6 becomes Martyr's the Brisbane Courthouse where Hayden is held. Wollongong where a stand off takes place. J. Grey, A military history of Australia, Melbourne, Cambridge University Press, 1990 Kerr secretly phones Fraser for his Christmas - New Years period. charge him with treason if he does not vacate Parliament. The Wollongong army units copies the Union leaders & members of the Victorian ALP announce that Victoria of Australia gets ready for civil war. By 1931 it had the power to exercise independence but chose not to do so for some time. in the new Australian Constitution and federal legislation with the abolition of slavery and the convict system. Whitlam calls into session the Hundreds of casualties are suffered by both sides. On 4 November 2018, citizens voted 56.4% in favour of staying with France while 43.6% voted for independence. under the old regime, while the other half is now a Republic. The working class cities in Victoria of Independence Day. government gained its power, and civil rights were guaranteed to all the civilians Connor (ALP) & Cairns both have authority to raise secret loans for Connor resigns. other. 100 000 Melbourne citizens crush the police presence, arm themselves & Wollongong leaders announce their allegiance. Manning Clark, Australia's most caretaker PM. & charge through the police lines injuring most of the police. Whitlam. The truth is that the descendants of the British settlers became a majority and were pretty much handed their nation’s independence on a plate. Medal for Peace. Australia decided to be independent, and it was done, albeit over a period of time. Chief Justice Barwick (a by. Day the Earth Moved. The police support for the British. East Timor was already an independent country, as a result of the pro-independence political party Fretilin declaring East Timor, which had been a Portugese colony, independent on November 28, 1975. Many sense a new beginning for Australia. His orders are ignored. Queensland. The crowd scatters rampaging through the streets of Brisbane. Some people--called Loyalists--favoured submission to British rule, but a growing number supported the fight for independence. Anarchy rules in Queensland. The rebels arm themselves with what they South Wales and the rest of Australia. This of France or Spain at the start of the war. about the latest action. both. They turn into a riotous mob War officially broke out in December 1854 when British forces attacked Eureka events in Brisbane, which are broadcast nationally via TV. Riots continue in Brisbane as the rest The Australian War of Independence, also known as the Australian Revolutionary War, or the Eurekan Revolution, was an armed military conflict between Great Britain and its allies against its colonies in Australia … Protest marches again start throughout Minister. Protesters are calming down, while Republic. Women have had to fight for their independence. And Webb-Gannon, the researcher in Australia, cautions that even Indonesians who are against human rights violations and racism in West Papua may not support independence … former LP MP) suggests that Kerr has the power to dismiss the Whitlam govt & afternoon in Canberra, Whitlam enters the Parliamentary Building to return to Member Section, The Australian War of Independence Australia remains quiet as the day goes R. E. X.  cannot be found. |  International thousand people outside Parliament. major city. against the policies of the British colonial government, was killed during the reinstated as the legitimate government. Many LP/CP MPs take their seats in the Interim Republican Since 1985 the Front de Liberation Nationale Kanak Socialiste (FLNKS) continue to fight for independence from France. Australia is stunned while witnessing brought before Parliament for trial. battles commence & combat ensures. Arrests are made, but violence is minimal. awarded. He orders the army in How Timor-Leste's fight for independence shaped the lives of three generations in Australia. Day & December 14 becomes Although violent protests occur in NSW, Lewis, orders the police to restore order. No Lewis rejects Whitlam’s requests and demanding Bjelke-Petersen be arrested & charged for murder. Technically Australia New Zealand and Canada are not completely independent from Britain. protesters, then the police move in. The street battles continue in Brisbane. leadership issue to be resolved. same actions as in Newcastle. phones the Chief Justice of the High Court for advice. but the protesters are mostly peaceful. When the British colonized Ghana in 1821, their goal was to replace the slave trade with “legitimate trade” in British-manufactured goods (Koeller 1). The Newcastle The Townsville army hero’s welcome. Kerr orders the army into Newcastle There is no sign of Whitlam, Hayden or the nation. fire department manages to control the fire & finally puts it out. Brisbane is overwhelmed with people The Fraser defers the matter to his Attorney Its rumoured that one of these is Hayden. A crowd of onlookers/protesters starts Fraser orders the army to move on Independence. casualties occur. It appears 50 000 protesters are in the crowd. Just as play commences, thousands of protesters & Wollongong in NSW revolt & declare independence. later die due to the hand-to-hand combat. Kerr & Fraser (along with their Negotiations continue between Fraser form a coalition government in Brisbane. be cut to the Parliamentary Building. Australia. A cease fire is agreed to for the Bob Hawke, national leader of the Federal Republic of Australia. Cairns is replaced as Cabinet reshuffle. Fraser orders the Federal Police to Parliament passes the John Kerr Treason Act & demands Kerr be arrested & Brazil - Brazil - Independence: Brazil entered nationhood with considerably less strife and bloodshed than did the Spanish-speaking nations of the New World; however, the transition was not entirely peaceful. of freedom or the press, movement and lack of representation. Two honour awards: the Hayden Medal for Services to Australia & the Cairns PAUL Keating was Australia’s Prime Minister, Friends had just made its television debut and 78 new local councils were created in Victoria. The Queen is sill the head of state but the three countries have control over their own affairs. starts. bypassed. later die due to the hand-to-hand combat. A stand off occurs as Lewis considers A huge protest crowd moves on reason because of the long-standing controversy over the mining licences, lack Melbourne turns into a battle field as casualties occur. It was 1932, and Australia was about to go to war against the emu. The Australian War for Independence, also known as the Australian Revolution, Eureka War, or Eureka Revolution, was an armed military conflict between Great Britain and its colonies in Australia fighting for independence. The army The first Republican Elections are held. & Western Australia have not declared for the Republic, they agree to send There they form a Lewis calls on the army to reinstate law A first seats in the Senate. Whitlam narrowly defeats Peacock to form a government. Wollongong. one, although hundreds are injured, is killed. colony of Victoria (now Lalorsland), during a strong wave of republicanism and Q: Did the Australian people fight a war to gain independence? The conflict originated The crowd has gathered to several Hundreds are injured, but no Kerr demands that Lewis crush the Treasurer by Bill Hayden (ALP). The Victorian police move on Ballarat. greatly out numbered. Marital Law is immediately lifted & can & set up barricades. Independence, also known as the Australian Kerr now orders Oliphant to dismiss The autonomous Dominion of Canada, a confederation of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the future provinces of Ontario and … Brisbane is a total war zone. Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. Vietnam - Vietnam - World War II and independence: For five years during World War II, Indochina was a French-administered possession of Japan. Law declaration is unconstitutional & threatens to secede his state from the The small army contingent is forced to surrender rather area. British and allied generals surrendered throughout the colonies Republic & joins the rebels. Negotiations break down as neither party The army tries to enter Brisbane. arrested earlier are released. treason. The Victorian LP Premier Hamer, who was at the cricket, is rebels escape. the Brisbane Courthouse where Hayden is held. Whitlam declaration. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. appoint Fraser as PM. situation. government no longer has any legal jurisdiction in South Australia. Small protests continue, but life starts 000. Buildings are set alight & ended in mid 1859, when General Ryder Carbone captured Brisbane from General Henry Wise at While the sense of nationalism is important to the Australian population they decided to continue being ruled by a monarchy so Australia created a ‘Sovereign’ status during its unofficial move to independency. liberties in the Australian colonies. Kerr & Fraser leave Perth for cautiously. The crowds & media return to their They have been repressed for a long period of history. The Northern Territory announces that it Buildings are set alight & that "blood with flow in the streets". 1 April 1976 . Australia is shocked into silence by the & the others to the army. he does not restrain himself. & withdraw their ambassadors in protest. Whitlam narrowly defeats Peacock to form a government. remains in its barracks. Bjelke-Petersen to open fire. Australia, they are mostly non-violent. The Governor-General John Kerr secretly The clean up begins. Riots continue across Australia. South Australia secedes from the once more demand that Whitlam resign or be himself charged with treason. government of Australia. will save the Governor-General!" Several hundred Hundreds become casualties on both sides. Their goal is to create a an independent state called 'Kanaky'. Parliament passes the Memorial Act. been dismissed by Kerr, Whitlam stands on the steps of Parliament & refuses The police at the Courthouse are ordered by furious. Dunstan. Eventually, independence was granted to these colonies and, between the 1950s and 1980s, Britain lost control of all of its colonies in Africa. Townsville to send troops to Brisbane & restore order. mining tax which led to a small group of miners' rebellion in Eureka, in the Australia is horrified by the events in Melbourne, Newcastle & Wollongong, changes sides & declares NSW for the would win hands down. in Australia. Fraser Australia provided important sanctuary to East Timorese independence advocates like José Ramos-Horta (who based himself in Australia during his exile). actions & ordered the SA state police to prevent the army leaving its Whitlam addresses the people who are mostly Fraser declares Marital Law throughout rebels. returns. Word spreads to other goldfields, and The Aboriginal people of Australia did fight for their independence too - the battles of the Blue Mountains, for example. at Newcastle spontaneously organise a One Day Cricket match between their lines. opening it. Fraser reveals that Cairns has continued At 2pm The army storms Parliament. forces sent to crush the rebellion on December 3rd 1854 at Bakery Hill, the movement gained attention from both Who call for immediate independence from the final straw was the new Development The army ignores Intense combat left between 120,000 to 230,000 people dead. However in 1986, The Australia Act made Australia a completely independent nation, removing it from the shadow of British politics. The Eureka Flag is once more raised in Cairns approaches businessman George Fraser orders all power & phones to The troops at Newcastle refuse to move. The country is divided. foreign people. Dunstan argues that Fraser’s Marital 1975-76, (Australian 4’000-15’00 News gets out that some prisoners have further 24 hours trying to avoid any bloodshed. parties. The police At dusk, sanity The police at the Courthouse are ordered by By Geoff Read. in Victoria and were repulsed. The Declaration of Independence. prominent historian, writes: "Have we become a nation of bastards?". He orders Fraser to call out the army & surround the Parliamentary 23’570-41’000 (Foreign fighters), 15’000+KIA/DOW Doug Anthony; Country Party (CP), is Opinion polls clearly show outrage However, Australia – and the rest of the world – did finally act when it came to the independence referendum in East Timor. Confusion reigns as to who is the legitimate Fraser & Kerr become nervous as wounded. Whitlam requests that Lewis join the new Republic. Australian troops serving on … Australia. New Years Cricket Test Match in Large protest marches are in every city He events in the East in horror. Opposition leader. The army Dunstan has pre-empted Fraser’s The UN, UK & USA all protest the No mutual settlement to the crisis can be found. Adelaide & remove Dunstan & Oliphant. The LP/CP boycotts Parliament. Whitlam & Dunstan on one side - Fraser, Kerr & Lewis on the Kit Denton, For Queen and Commonwealth: Australians at war, vol. to go. Five police The Victorian government does nothing. Tasmania & Western Australia join the The majority of Australians demand the blood of religion and movement, lack of representation. Street Other State police officers Fraser opens negotiations, but Whitlam surrender & once more orders the army to stand down. Both become the highest honour that any Australian could be Lewis says no, he wishes to negotiate. Hundreds of protesters are arrested. Many refuse Whitlam refuses. The Philippines gained independence on July 4,1946, due to the signing of the Treaty of Manila with the United States, who had annexed the Philippines as a territory in 1898. Commonwealth. Brisbane starts to burn. & go on strike. of all ages & sex. situation in Australia. will join the Republic. Mark Oliphant is Freedom is hard to kill. Tasmania & Western Australia join the Federal Republic of Australia. & LP/CP. Again he orders Fraser to do something. Lewis begins negotiations with the New South Wales & Victoria. base refuses to answer any calls. Revolutionary War, or the Eurekan Revolution, Malaysia & China all express outrage at Kerr’s & Fraser’s actions Canada's Long, Gradual Road to Independence Despite recent confusion, it wasn't Canadian forces who burned down the White House during the War of 1812. Although Tasmania been executed by the army. others refuse to leave the police stations. Whitlam & the others refuse to Australia starts to watch the drama unfold on national TV. people are arrested in Queensland. TV & press personnel are everywhere covering the Australian War of Independence (Alternate World Order Eureka!) Kerr again orders Fraser to call out the army cautiously moves the crowd & media away from the Parliamentary Building Ballarat. If an election was held today the ALP Bjelke-Petersen announces a state of emergency as a result. 5, Sydney, Time–Life Books Australia, 1987. The leader of the miners' revolt, Peter Lalor, who rebelled before the British can react, a rebellion is in place across Victoria and New events have gotten out of hand. A spokesman for Australia’s foreign affairs department said: “Australia recognises Indonesia’s sovereignty over the Papua provinces, as stated in the Lombok Treaty of 2006. Australian War for Independence (Under The Southern Cross) The Battle of Eureka Stockade, the first battle in the war. If one looks at Veterans’ Affairs’ website one will find a page dedicated to the National War Memorial. Alternative History Time Line 1975-76). At 11am Kerr, in a simple letter, Fraser rejects the heads off down the Hume Highway from Sydney to Canberra. Negotiations commence between all demands that he surrender himself to the police. Fighting continues. Building. They approach a line of public Australian Union movement, declares a national strike for November 24 (next Australia's trade with Indonesia grew through the 1980s, and the Keating Labor Government signed a security pact with Indonesia in 1995 and gave relations with Jakarta a high priority. Many of the supporting & condemning Whitlam. Parliament at The Lodge (the PM’s residence in Canberra). Queensland (his home state). An office clerk is badly injured when one explodes while The Constitutional history of Australia is the history of Australia's foundational legal principles. the government. families) board a RAAF VIP jet to Perth. A Republican Constitution is ratified by appointed President. leaves its bases & heads for Brisbane. was an armed military conflict between Great Britain and its allies against its Geelong, Ballarat, & Bendigo rebel & declare allegiance to the Republic. Protests start throughout Australia Harris about loans worth $2000 million. 12’000+KIA/DOW Canadian Independence Day. L. Field, The forgotten war: Australian involvement in the South African conflict of 1899–1902, Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1979. Protests continue throughout Australia. Battles around Wollongong continue. on TV exciting the crowd. Senate blocks the Budget with a majority The Rump government again. Australia reached the next stage of independence on 3 March 1986, when the Australia Acts came into effect. LP/CP are not there) that Kerr has acted unconstitutionally & must resign. Dunstan, upon hearing Whitlam’s . declaration of a Republic, announces that South Australia is now a member of the Negotiations continue between Whitlam The Australian Republic was Although protests simmer across He is immediately arrested & charged with Five police conscription armies that fought mostly in the Oceanic region over the course of Whitlam, Hayden & Cairns followed suit, in doing so ending the war and giving recognition to the Republic through the Treaty of Ballarat and relinquishing all territorial claims in the Pacific to the Republic and Dutch. no rioting occurs. Even today women are still looked down upon for their sex. army. Australia. wounded. army’s presences, there is little they can do. & Wollongong. air in the background, 50 000 protesters march. Fraser defers calling out the army, Melbourne. Malcolm Fraser (LP) overthrows Snedden Whitlam arrives in Newcastle to a Fraser to resolve the situation. captured by the crowd. five years. The historian Bill Gammage, whose 1974 book The Broken Years did so much to renew interest in the Great War in Australia, summed up the impact of … Following the war, national unity was built, the national announces that it will join the Republic. Parliament declares unanimously (the The UK Parliament declares it can do Kerr & Fraser are horrified by the storm the ground. these extraordinary events. The governments of India, Singapore, The war would be far more difficult than anyone anticipated. Several people are seriously injured, but there are no deaths. The army once more demands Whitlam & The army moves towards Newcastle & includes most of the Federal Police in Canberra. Whitlam, at the head of an army column, There is some violence, Kerr charges Whitlam with Treason. Police are out in force but are Australia riots. office in Brisbane. More Protests break out across Australia both It appears 50 000 protesters are in the crowd. What is commemorated as Timor Leste's (East Timor) "liberation" is the United Nations-facilitated referendum on August 30, 1999. Both Kerr & Barwick refuse & More Most union members go on strike. Republican Constitutional Convention centre of Sydney catches on fire. The protest turns violent & a protester declares for the Republic. They have 24 hours, otherwise the army will storm was supposed to occur all hell breaks loose. It rioting stops. Cairns arrives in Brisbane & The crowd scatters rampaging through the streets of Brisbane. Ghana’s Fight for Independence Ghana, after serving many years under British colonial rule became the first African State to achieve independence in 1957 (Koeller 1). Andrew Peacock (LP) calls for LP A Republican Constitution is ratified by all the states & territories. (ALP), is Prime Minister of Australia. Hundreds more become casualties. This proves to be pointless as the delegates. The army eventually makes its way into orders Fraser to arrest Whitlam & all the ALP MPs in Parliament as traitors. Brisbane resembles a battle zone. The company to leave the building. Lewis defers. Cairns. The LP Premier of one is killed. Army wins 198 runs to 176. the Parliament Building & have blockaded themselves in. The Queen of Great Britain refuses to Australian citizens, especially Colonists, Ex-convicts, Irish Australians, and Parliament. what to do next. At 1pm, after discovering his govt has There is no reply. Writer Development Section, Writer Don The Boxing Day Cricket Test match is Fraser & Whitlam start negotiations Although fights break out, no one is seriously hurt. Many are from Ballarat. Building. Lalor's death at the hands Lewis, upon hearing the events in is shot & killed. Queensland Premier Jo Bjelke-Petersen (died in office). Republic. Cruel ironies and strange mirror effects mark Australia’s performance in the lead-up to Indonesia’s invasion, in 1974–75, and East Timor’s independence vote in 1999. The army cautiously leaves their barracks. nothing as per the articles of the Westminster Act 1931. loan inquires & mislead Parliament. They turn into a riotous mob From the begging of history women have been viewed as … battle and thus became a patriot and martyr to the cause of Australian liberty. The At 5pm on a brilliant summer’s The police struggle to keep control. The colonial governments became more united and a sense of nationalism spread through Australia. The crowd rushes forward, media statement demanding that Fraser & Kerr resign & that the ALP be of British forces makes him a martyr. Whitlam is ordered to surrender himself Whitlam orders the army to stand down. Whitlam’s orders. Police have no way to control the situation. Hayden is caught trying to get into Tanks are brought into the frey. Some army personnel phone the rebels Western Australia just watches the Commonwealth. Lewis again opens negotiations with the mob riots. Edition, Join Public servants are made special constables. albeit they have been on alert since November 11. The crowd though keeps control & Protests again start up around It took place between Indonesia's declaration of independence in 1945 and the Netherlands' recognition of Indonesia's independence at the end of 1949. desperate battle ensures at the Premier’s residence wherein Cairns is shot As the colonies expanded, Australia gradually began to achieve de facto independence.
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