It is a fact that many of the sports and games that we play today have been in existence several thousand years ago in the ancient Egyptian life. Ancient Egyptian sports included individual events as well as team competitions. Sporting games were played at the time of a pharaoh’s inauguration and the events were always dedicated to the gods. The ball was made of leather and stuffed with plant fibers or hay, or made of papyrus plants in order to be light and more durable. Two thousand years before the first Olympic games were held in ancient Greece, sports played a significant cultural and social role in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt for Kids Sports & Pastimes. Ancient Egyptian team sports. Egypt is a transcontinental country meaning its territory crosses two continents. Though the Egyptians might be divided in a lot of things, sports is where most of them set aside their differences and come together. The Ancient Egyptians engaged themselves in sports with the intention of training and strengthening their bodies, and also for pleasure and recreation. Sport > World > Country > Egypt. Ancient Egyptian Sports and Games In the rich and vast civilization of Egypt, it may not be surprising to know that they gave high importance to sports too. The ancient Egyptians worked very hard, but saved time to enjoy family, friends, music, parties, swimming, fishing, hunting, sailing, and especially their children, all of which were very important to the ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egypt Sports And Games 2355 Words | 10 Pages. Games and Toys for Ancient Egyptian Children. Handball. Ancient Egyptian Sports : Hockey. 2) Fisherman’s Joust: Imagine two groups of guys each hopping into their boats, rowing out into the Nile, and proceeding to beat the crap out of each other with their oars and pointed gaffes. The roots of many modern sports… Ancient Egyptians sports and pastimes included a number of team oriented sports. The Ancient Egyptians enjoyed both playing sports and watching sports, like we do today. Drawings of this sport are found on the Saqqara tombs, five thousand years old. This book, written by one of the world's leading authorities on Egyptian sport, is the most thorough treatment of the athletic and recreational activities of the people of ancient Egypt. Many Ancient Egyptian toys were a lot like the toys young children play with today. Modern day combat sport enthusiasts mistakenly believe that wrestling originated in ancient Greece, due in part to its representation in Greek mythology, as well as it being the first sport … Egyptian leaders and statesman were among the biggest fans of athletic competitions, providing the funding and equipment for the events. Ancient Egyptian Sports : Handball. Abstract: The ancient Egyptians expected that life after death would follow the general pattern of life on the earth so they kept in their tombs food to eat, clothing to wear, boats to sail, weapons for war and sports and games equipment’s for their amusement. They had dolls, balls, animal toys like crocodiles with movable jaws, puppets, rattles and tops, and toy weapons. Sport in Egypt. Besides being used as a sporting event, many Ancient Greek soldiers, such as the Spartans, trained in the methods of fighting used in the sport. The ancient Egyptians may not have had college football or the NBA, but sports were nonetheless an important part of their culture. It was seldom used for more than one match. Ancient Egyptians played a game that is similar to our present-day hockey. The Stela of Amenophis II in the vicinity of the great Sphinx in Giza is proof that sports were practised in higher strata of society and must have been very popular and widespread in Ancient Egypt. Hockey. Drawings on tombs at Beni Hassan in Menia Governorate show players holding bats made of long palm-tree branches, with a bent end similar to that of the hockey bat.
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