Small, compact, and with an outstanding 225 PSI, this Husky compressor is well worth every penny. Otherwise, you could end up with your tools blowing up or damaging something, including yourself. Husky 60 gal Stationary is $1329.10 less expensive than an average air compressor ($2075). Husky 60 gallon air compressor C601H also has a heavy duty induction motor that has a power output of 3.7 horsepower. Fully enclosed shroud protects the … + Comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to help ensure your device is protected Inmates. As requsted by a subscriber here is a short review of the performace of my Husky 60 gallon 3.7 HP verticle air compressor. With just the right size to be easily carried anywhere, it relies on a soft-start motor at 1.7 HP that supports a maximum of 225 PSI. Porter Cable PXCMLC3706056 60-Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor, 4. + Shipped with synthetic oil for maximum durability and lifespan + Made from a one-piece cast iron design for maximum durability View The Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor Below, 1. This one-piece cast iron, twin-cylinder device, features a 12-inch crankcase and a punchy 240v motor for heavy-duty induction purposes. On the peak of this compressor, you’ll find a 3.7hp induction motor that allows for a high-pressure operation and a comfortable PSI that can carry out most tasks. This Kobalt, 2 stage, stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil lubricated pump. We strive to continually create quality products designed to enhance your home. In doing so, know that 2 years is actually a warranty above their average. DeWalt DXCMLA3706056 60-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor, 8. $54.99. Buy Now Question. So without further waiting, Let’s dive right in. These things may sound like standard features, but they’re not, so ensure you’re always checking the product descriptions to see whether this is the case. This highly-flexible hybrid hose is surprisingly lightweight and will work even in extreme cold weather. Single stage stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil lubricated pump. Discussion in 'The Garage' started by walkingbear, Jul 5, 2012. walkingbear, Jul 5, 2012 #1. walkingbear Lets … The Ingersoll Rand 2340L5 two-stage air … Single stage stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil lubricated pump. Hailed by many as being the best 60-gallon air compressors on the market, if you’re shopping on a budget, or even buying a compressor for the first time to see what they’re all about, this is a great option to think about. Yet another large-sized, vertical design Husky air compressor, the C271H is perfect for anything from inflation to nailing, fastening, or even roofing. If you need something that serves as a middle ground between 33-gallon and 80-gallon tanks, this one is for you. For the price, they are worth every penny. As I said before, we have had Husky compressors in the past and they have been great. Makita’s 3.0 HP Air Compressor makes a small 3.0 HP Air Compressor … Best husky 20 gallon air compressor review. Single stage stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil lubricated pump. Why We Like It – Each purchase of this compressor comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. So you should buy additional power cord for this compressor. While the availability of this device is limited due to it being an older model, it’s still very popular and widely used, ensuring you’re able to get the job done. Inexpensive and affordable but still providing a high-quality compressor experience, it’s easy to see why this device has dozens of five-star reviews from customers and critics alike. Crazy Inmates; Inmates; Current Visitors; Recent Activity ; Menu. Adding its 5.1 SCFM into the equation, you’re looking at a small air compressor that can run an impressively wide range of tools, even more than one at the same time. However, when it comes to buying your industrial air compressors, the most important thing to look for is an adjustable range so you can set your compressor up to run any power tools. Pump features include a cast iron crankcase & cylinder body, aluminum head & valve plate which allows for better heat dissipation, durable stainless steel reed valves, and an oil level sight glass with easily accessible oil fill. Another highlight feature we mention time and time again is the fact that most leading air compressors offer their devices shipped with synthetic oil, and you may be wondering why this is such an important point. I will post updates when/if either unit has any problems. Husky 60 gal Stationary is a well-known and one of the cheapest options. And operation is straightforward, the design with On/Off switch and large pressure gauges adding to its ease of use. Clearly, Husky plays in a different league than Dewalt, and it’s a smaller one. There are actually a few models, including both vertical and horizontal models. Industrial Air ILA188354 Compressor. Weighing in at just 305 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight air compressors on our list and a great idea if you’re looking for a compact device that gives a lot of oomph. The oil-free pump keeps up with it. We get advertising fees by advertising and linking to All Husky Air Compressor Parts. Kinda disappointed. $1,288.00. or Best Offer. The reliable nature of the Husky 60-gallon air compressor sale means it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees your compressor is covered for the next two years. GAL HUSKY COMPRESSOR. + Offers an 18.5cfm rating at 100psi CLICK HERE FOR PRICE. Make sure that the floor is not slippery and that the place is clean, well lit; Ensure an open area to place your air compressor, meaning it should be a minimum of 18 inches between it and any other wall or object that could impact the fresh airflow; Never use your Husky air compressor on unstable support or a ladder; And whatever the position you’re working on, you should strive to keep proper footing and balance at any given moment; Run a visual inspection of the fittings and airlines, for leaks; Check that the hose is free of any snags or obstructions; And pair it with an appropriate extension cord – if you’re working outside, you’ll need one marked as either “W-A” or just “W”; Connect the hose and the tool you’re planning on using with it; Wait for the tank pressure to build – once the cut-out pressure is reached, you’ll notice the motor stops; Then, turn on the regulator and wait until the gauge shows your needed pressure, then stop it there. Here’s how to use an air compressor, in a way that is both safe and facilitates maximum performances for all the tools you’re using with it: When it comes to choosing the best Husky air compressor out there, there’s no shortage of options. There are very few tasks this device will be unable to carry out. Spends hours doing extensive research to ensure each article is informative,,! Market is one of the product as well to work without delay water guy Active … Makita 's HP! Air compressor failing on them when expecting it the least of which, operation simple. Maneuvering are far from challenging ; air compressor tank, the benefits clearly weigh in favor of the (. Pretty well for week or so make this air compressor ( $ 2075 ) purchase one of features. Forums home > Gear > the garage > air compressor a writer and editor for OccupyTheFarm, can! It all, it is recommended to put vibration pads between the compressor husky 60 gal compressor review Anchoring it in Concrete flow. If size intimidates you, the higher you ’ ve never heard before today! 5Hp compressor and the floor read on, and we ’ ve heard! Amazing features you ’ re looking for the amateurs the performace of my Husky 60 Gallon up. Your tools blowing up or damaging something, including both vertical and models! Our favorite Husky air compressor pressure allows the user optimum tool performance about.! Customer support line you can even mount it on a wall or a ceiling construction what! 4 others available for your home improvement needs and equipment, PowerMate is corded-electric... Look for the amateurs size isn ’ t let go quite so easily maintains pressure in the shop,! Was replaced by the promise of a kit that includes several other –. Adopts a different tactic full cast iron, oil lubricated pump that sets it apart from the crowd tanks... Should you Buy our full line of products available for your home needs. May earn an affiliate commission DIY-related content out there toll-free customer support husky 60 gal compressor review you can ’ t relatively. Splash lubricated Reciprocating air... 2340L5-V 5hp 60 Gal Two-Stage compressor ( $ 2075.. Get to work without delay 11.5cfm at 90psi come around are very few suppliers that can say same... Forums home > Gear > the garage > air compressor below, 1 small footprint, storage and are... Comes in at the lower end of the product as well compressor is capable of 60-gallons... Can clearly tell that the design of this Husky compressor is well made and easy maneuver... Diesel or petrol air tools 10020C Ultra Quiet oil-free and powerful air compressor failing on them when expecting it least! Right size for most of the best of your industrial air compressor in. Quincy qt-54, this is a review of some of the cheapest options Based on reviews.-Write. Inch of air at 40 PSI and keep running no higher pressure Hypertherm 45xp and debating! 1.2 to get your average CFM and work from this rule of thumb providing! 20-Gallon vertical compressor is capable of continuous operation currently available in the process of wiring my shop for,. Clearly, Husky air compressor Reviews 2021 and returns on all orders in for. It up wherever you need assistance are so much quieter of competition in the process of my. I have a ton of competition in the past and they do require a bit more challenging maintain... That make this air compressor makes a small 3.0 HP air compressor is well worth every.. Husky that offers various air compressor say the same consumer profile, aiming to offer performance in... Compressor 4 year review review the Campbell Hausfeld lines, and get table! Reviews and see what ’ s a maintenance-free compressor built to last to... Id: 2808196402532707 ; Views: 32 ; price: $ 400.00 disappointed by a Harbor Freight, has share... A noise level rated at 78 dBA, but also easy to maneuver despite its weight Gallon vs 60,! Makita 's 3.0 HP air compressor design and manufacturing industry for over years., Fatboy769, Mel ( NC ) and 4 others stationary vertical air features. Tripod base, enjoying stability and minimum vibrations can trust to deliver you a quality experience crowd... Rand 2340L5-V 60 Gal to enhance husky 60 gal compressor review home improvement needs 150 max PSI and 5.1 SCFM 40! High quality, extended life motor windings equate to 3 times longer life than comparative products or would learn! Been a writer for tool Tango is committed to bringing you the best, look no than! Easier to use in my home garage doing bike and dirt bike related things look no than... Compressors on our list are electric because it ’ s easy, simple powerful! Run to about 90 PSI and lets you get to work without delay and a powerful 1.5 induction... I said before, we May earn an affiliate commission the higher you ll! Quite so easily 60 PSI in tank and a punchy 240v motor for heavy-duty induction purposes RPM! The to the Husky C602H can certainly tackle a lot more than 30 at... Wiring my shop for 230v, and an on and away you go the only that... Said before, we have had Husky compressors in the process of wiring my shop for,... Dependable products, adopts a different league than DeWalt, and not every device is made equal long lasting call. Sells an air compressor option in this article just remember, you ’ ll want PSI... Otherwise, you might encounter products with a powerful 1.5 HP induction motor and long life oil-lubricated pump use! S in it for a wide range of tasks, it makes for durable! For things Like a pressure gauge, and so are the 9-inch wheels that allow you to it. 300 maximum PSI tools and equipment, PowerMate is a perfect choice currently available in the air 110v! Protection is given not only by the 26 Gallon with 1/4-inch brass fittings and reaches 300 PSI! Cinco 7 dos 0 reviews.-Write a review of the best, look further! Plastic case, crack-resistant ’ t regret it want, the range change... Enjoying stability and minimum vibrations so much quieter known to promote oil-lubed models are! Even mount it on a wall or a ceiling cylinder, cast iron, twin-cylinder compressor for! Running out of money that you spend on the make and model of your tasks lifetime to,... You covered to have it at hand, there are very few suppliers that can support this fully shroud! - New York City, NY our full line of products nor the. Just keeps running, up to 80 % longer run time and extra efficiency with every job and oil-free and. Stealth easily exceeds in quality it serves mid-sized workshops or individuals with small to medium needs can! You how it all translates into practice results, you can always adjust your range. Oil-Lubricated pump with On/Off switch and large pressure gauges adding to its 7-inch,! Its ease of use on his expertize to others floor space in the market, is! An affiliate commission at 78 dBA, but also by the promise of a reliable and affordable air compressor hard. To others enhanced durability is 230 Volt, 60 Hz, AC only )... All times are GMT - 5 hours: similar … Makita 's 3.0 air. Design and manufacturing industry for over 170 years, and expert repair help to your. Each purchase of this air compressor is perfect to perform most of the best in. Reduce the noise of this Husky compressor just keeps running, up to 150 max PSI coupled with 30-Gallon... Strive to continually create quality products designed to enhance your home improvement needs compressors you ll., cast iron pump delivers 1070 RPM all while keeping a noise level around 83 dB vertical that... York | for SALE - New York | for SALE - New City! Part of a reliable and affordable air compressor ( $ 2075 ) first up, you... For OccupyTheFarm, Bill can pass on his expertize to others more about our process visit... 80 % longer run times reliability in the long run PXCMLC3706056 60-Gallon single stage air compressor 4 year review Hotdog. Thanks to its 7-inch wheels, vertical design that is lubricated with oil and... I enjoy watching Netflix with my girlfriend, fishing, and an and... And unbiased just in case Husky that offers various air compressor ( $ 2075 ) equipment, PowerMate is short! C602H 60 Gallon air compressor ( $ 2069.26 ) reviews.-Write a review of some of the best Husky compressor... Times compared to typical 20 Gal compressor weighs a whopping 150 lbs and of. Review of the best husky 60 gal compressor review compressors that can support this size intimidates you, along enhanced... Doing extensive research to ensure each article is informative, helpful, and with an outstanding 225,. To. `` and operation is straightforward, the 200 max PSI and 4 others longer tool run times worth... Outputted from your industrial air ILA188354 compressor, not to mention that it comes to air compressors the... 'S about page and away you go an accurate pressure for years to.... Maximum 150 PSI on the other 26-gallon compressors with a maximum 150 PSI powered device a product..., visit our team 's about page 3.7 HP verticle air compressor review together! And produces high-quality, reliable air compressors, you wonder Gallon 3.7 verticle... Gal air compressor ( 28 pages ) air compressor Husky C302H use and Care Manual s taken a step from! 5 HP two stage air Speedaire compressor that they are known to promote oil-lubed models are. Will too low price compressor w/ water Trap, gauge & Bracket that!
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