In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires – “annual charge” means the annual charge payable by the holder of a mineral right under section 152; “artisanal mining licence” means an artisanal mining licence granted under section 86; (3) It shall come into force on such date [5] as the Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint in this behalf. Purchase of mercury 97. Sale of minerals 98. Inspectorate of Mines 102. 12 Mines and Minerals Act 2009 PART I–PRELIMINARY 1. WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for cases in which mines or minerals are situate under land which it is desired to acquire under the Land Acquisition Act, 1870 [3]; It is hereby enacted as follows:-1. An Act to provide for the 1[development and regulation of mines and minerals] under the control of the Union. Act 703 Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 95. No.SOR-III(S&GAD)1-15/2002(P).- In exercise of the powers conferred under section 23 of the Punjab Civil Act, 1974 (WII of 1974), Governor of the Punjab is pleased to direct that in the Directorate General of Mines and Minerals Service Rules, 2002, the following further amendments shall be made AMENDMENTS Be it enacted by Parliament in the Eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows :- PRELIMINARY THE MINES AND MINERALS (REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT) ACT, 1957, ACT 67 OF 19571 [28TH December, 1957.] The nomenclature of the Rules of the Punjab Labour and Manpower Department, Inspectorate of Mines service Rules, 1993 shall be substituted as “The Punjab Mines & Minerals Department, Inspectorate of Mines … Short title, commencement and local extent.— (1) This Act may be called the Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885; and Ltd. was incorporated under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan on 07.05.2009. The Punjab Code Site aims at providing free access to the Punjab laws (principal/substantive as well as delegated/subordinate). It is wholly owned by the Government of the Punjab and is working under the administrative control of Mines & Minerals … (1) This Act may be called The Regulation of Mines and Oil fields and Mineral Development (Government Control) Act, 1948. Power of Minerals Commission 101. MINERAL AND PETROLEUM RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT ACT NO. Arrangements are … BE it enacted by Parliament in the Eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows:― CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1. 28 OF 2002 [View Regulation] [ASSENTED TO 3 OCTOBER, 2002] [DATE OF COMMENCEMENT: 1 MAY, 2004] (English text signed by the President) This Act has been updated to Government Gazette 36541 dated 6 June, 2013. as amended by Minerals and Energy Laws Amendment Act, No. The Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act (1957) is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to regulate the mining sector in India.It was amended in 2015 and 2016. 67 OF 1957 [28th December, 1957.] The Punjab Mineral Company (Pvt.) 4 THE MINES AND MINERALS (DEVELOPMENT AND REGULATION) ACT, 1957 ACT NO. [4] [(2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan .] 1. This act forms the basic framework of mining regulation in India. 12 Mines and Minerals Act 2009 No. No. Punjab Mining Concession Rules, 2002; The Punjab Minerals (Cancellation Of Sand Leases In Restricted Areas) Ordinance, 1984 (Vii Of 1984) Punjab Minor Mineral (Cancellation Of Leases) Ordinance, 1977; Regulation Of Mines And Oil-Fields And Mineral Development [(Government Control)] Act, 1948 An Act to provide for the regulation of mines and the development of minerals under the control of the Union. Short title, extent and commencement.―(1) This Act … Mines and Minerals | Act XXIV of 1948 | Promulgation Date : Sat Jan 08 ,1949 | Views: 845 | Status: Under Review PUNJAB DEVELOPMENT OF DAMAGED AREAS ACT, 1952 Board of Revenue | Act XV of 1952 | Promulgation Date : Wed Feb 06 ,1952 | … Use of explosives 96. Section-23 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 (VIII of 1974.] Sale of jewellery 99. Functions of Inspectorate of Mines 103. This act is applicable to all mineral except minor minerals and atomic minerals.It details the process and conditions for acquiring a mining … Offences and penalties under sections 81-99 Administration and miscellaneous provisions 100. 11 of 2005
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