Production code: They try a silly face challenge, a belching challenge, and finally a high-pitched voice challenge. Now remastered and soon to be completed! I have two little girls, Gabi is 4 years old, and Josie is 18 months. Please be aware that none of this really happened, and I made the whole story up. I was not alone while watching the episode. I've always loved Cartoon Network, when I was growing up it was my favourite channel to watch. Meet the not-so-average family, the Wattersons! 2:09. Follow/Fav The Knife - Remastered! To my shock, all that was airing at that time was an old Looney Tunes short, nothing more, nothing less. For some odd reason, the police car's door handles change from body colored to black. There was a note in the box, seemingly written in her blood. 19:17. There was no one else in the room, not even his best friend and adopted brother Darwin the goldfish, and the windows in the room clearly showed the night sky outside. She wouldn't care if the whole world was being sucked by sporadic black holes all over the universe. The Wattersons. I DON'T. When Gumball watches a weird tape that he found at the store, he's sucked into the infamous lost episode The Grieving. What I remember most about this scene was how out of place it seemed. I went to call the police on the home phone in my kitchen and report that I had seen some very disturbing things on TV and that my doors had been locked. It was never stated during the episode what exactly was written on the note, but it apparently lead to the rest of her remains and Darwin's heavily mutilated corpse. This is a long and pretty freaky Amazing World of Gumball creepypasta that I wrote last night, I've meaning to put it on /x/ or something, but I can't, so I'm putting it here. A title then comes up saying "The Best of Elmore Stream". Thankfully, one of the officers felt bad for me and took me out to a small diner so I could recollect my thoughts. ", Gargaroth's scene would later appear in ", The music from "Weird Like You And Me" is reused from ", This is the second time Gumball and Darwin have fused together, the first being in ", The scene where Tony is being followed by a. Tobias' video is a reference to popular "Unboxing" videos on YouTube. I had apparently missed a little bit, but Gumball's parents were still talking to Principal Brown, so not that much. Extremely Upsetting. Read more > Featured Song. I've always loved Cartoon Network, when I was growing up it was my favourite channel to watch. Not really my cup of tea, it's a little immature, but my little brother seems to like it a lot. "The Uploads": Tobias' "X-Treme Pranking" video. Season: The flashy and energetic intro theme played, although it was played a little differently than I recall. One of the newest shows on the network, The Amazing World of Gumball, is a cute and mildly entertaining show. It began with Gumball, the show's 12 year old protagonist, standing alone facing a corner of his dimly-lit classroom. Recommended tracks Abandoned By Disney Creepypasta by Anime Nightcore published on 2015-10-05T02:05:44Z The Russian Sleep Experiment by Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime published on 2015-07-01T10:34:20Z Anyway, this episode said it would show footage from that...but it was just a dog playing a saxophone. I was considering turning the television off, but I was too scared to be left in the dark by now, nearly frozen by fear and disturbed intensely at the terrible things that he was saying. Another flashback, the scene was earlier that day, and the animation in this scene was even worse than earlier. As confused and somewhat frightened as I was, for some reason, I kept watching it. This particular scene wasn't like anything I had ever seen on the show before, every little detail on Darwin's face was clearly illustrated, he looked a little like a zombie, his face was very pale and his eyes had been gouged out by someone. One day, I was watching Adult Swim when I realized that I'd been up so late that I hadn't even kept track of the time, it was already 4 AM. The next clip shows Tony slowly walking through a store. She was naked and her stomach had been slit open, her intestines were strewn around the trees and bushes in the woods, done once again in a very morbid and realistic style. Now, this is my theory, the lunatic who killed the man's child found the tape we buried, watched it, and heavily edited it. By this point Richard's crying had began to get more pained and miserable sounding, this wasn't the normal cartoon crying on the show, this was realistic and almost depressing crying, I almost felt like sobbing myself. Even today it has some good shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. Gumball then suggests it was not the camera that broke, and the pieces of the screen fall, leaving nothing but TV static left. Some scenes from the episode were shown as part of the Cartoon Network Summer Anthem promo. During the Principal Brown video, the security camera reveals that the incident took place on December 18 th, 2015. You should probably just look it up yourself. The episode cuts to Banana Joe's room, where he attempts to jump out of his peel and land back inside right. Nicole and Richard were there, in their usual clothes, looking more normal and happy than they had before, but still slightly worried. The Amazing World of Gumball The Grieving (lost episode footage) with Higurashi music. The "Space Grinch" face that Darwin makes is a reference to popular children writer, In the beginning of this episode, the intro of "The Best of Elmore" is a parody of, When Richard's face falls on the keyboard, the, Gumball's video with the Evil Turtle is a reference to photographer. I'm so sorry Sarah, I'm so deeply sorry. After the buildup, it turns out to just be the Saxophone Chihuahua. -Best wishes, Ben Bocquelet and everyone involved with, "The Grieving".". The title of the episode was "The Grieving", a sort of sad title, but I didn't really pay too much attention. The last one was the one that disturbed me the most and made me want to both cry and vomit my guts out, it was my little brother or at least a small child who looked very simliar to him being shot in the face by a person who looked like my father. I was feeling better after upchucking, so I had realized that I had good timing and had ran to the bathroom during a commercial. They hadn't been seen at all the rest of the day. We didn't have any scene with Darwin and Anais's bodies being found, all that happens in the episode is the parents are informed of the kids being found dead and them crying like crazy. Then, he hijacked the local TV station near the city where you live somehow, and got the episode to air on your local Cartoon Network station. Odd internet clips are recalled by the people of Elmore. Premiere dates,, The Amazing World Of Gumball Full Episodes - Gumball Season 3 Full Episodes HD New_34. The TV screen then shatters. He thinks that he broke the camera, but Gumball corrects him saying "I don't think it was the camera." THE GRIEVING. The cops eventually told me that they would contact Turner Broadcasting and tell them about the incident. Edit. International premieres: I really shouldn't describe this story or fictional episode. Now incredibly scared and wondering if anyone else was watching, I quickly dialed my brother Larry and asked him to turn on Cartoon Network and see if he was seeing the same shit that I was. I knew I had to get my tape recorder out right away to show everyone proof. All the blood and gore from Darwin and Anais's slaughtered and dismembered remains was done in a very realistic and disturbing way. It was done a bit like an amateur flash on Newgrounds, the character designs were somewhat sloppy and rushed looking, and the real life backgrounds used for the show looked different. It looked like the scene had been taken from a crime scene photograph done by a professional, not something from a cartoon. The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I tried unplugging the whole set as well, but nothing worked, the TV stayed on no matter what. Storyboarded by: I was really starting to get confused, why would he be at school at night, and why was he standing in the corner all sad and alone? CHAPTER 1 Is up! I don't recall ever watching AS this late, so I stayed awake to see what would happen when it ended. What I don't get though, is how you described the blood and guts and stuff. Ever since I saw that god forsaken episode, I haven’t been the same. The clip that follows shows Principal Brown walking past a store that has a display featuring a rug that resembles him. A little bumper showed up at the bottom of the screen during a commercial break, it said that a special episode of The Amazing World of Gumball was about to come on. Literally, I went out into the countryside with my mates and dug a hole and buried it. Poland: August 26, 2016Netherlands/Belgium/Canada: September 1, 2016Hungary: September 5, 2016France: September 6, 2016Germany: September 8, 2016Spain: November 10, 2016Latin America: August 7, 2018Brazil: September 13, 2018 But on 1 November 2012, I watched a very disturbing episode at 4:00am. I am sorry, I really am, but me and my mates are just the ones who made those scenes with Richard and Nicole crying, that's it. When he opens the box, he finds that the object inside is not his phone. When I woke up, my door was unlocked, and my television was turned off. I only recognized Ben Bocquelet's name, as he was the creator of the show, the rest were people I'd never heard of. I was a little confused about an episode of a very popular, new show coming on this early, but I was bored and decided I would watch it; thinking it might come on later in the day so I could spoil it for my brother. Richard, Gumball's enormous rabbit father, walks in from the kitchen, he looked even more miserable than Gumball had in the previous scene. His two siblings, his two best friends, are gone, and Gumball is left feeling the pain of their loss. ...Or did I? The first nine were ", This episode is a sequel to "The Uploads.". Behind him is the tuba guy, who is making tuba sounds as he walks. They explained to me that my little brother was missing and that my mother and father were major suspects. I was laughing at this, because it seemed sort of funny for Nicole to flip out in this manner and start swearing like a sailor in a G-rated cartoon, but my outlook soon changed when Principal Brown told her something else after she finally had quieted down. Granted, The police did find my little brother, but unfortunately he hasn’t been found alive. When I hurriedly dialed the number, I accidentaly dropped my cell phone into my cup of Pepsi. Nicole was instantly furious at him, she began spouting various insults and calls at him that I don't think would have made it on a more mature program like Regular Show. It was then I noticed that the show had been running twice as long, it usually ran for eleven minutes, but this episode was running for about thirty. Broadcast number: To my surprise, he said that he saw nothing like that, instead it was a rerun of an old Looney Tunes short. The music was a little different, and the show's logo wasn't animated, it's colours were done rather sloppily as well, almost like something a little kid would do in MS Paint. Katelyneddington25. I've always loved Cartoon Network, when I was growing up it was my favourite channel to watch. At the request of Principal Brown, Darwin attempts to create the Elmore Junior High Yearbook. The scene had thankfully panned away from the horrific sight of the children mutilated and was back to the principal's office. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When they arrived, they could find nothing like what I remembered from early this morning. October 18, 2016 Suddenly, an out-of-control car runs into the fire hydrant and knocks him off the screen. Lastly, Banana Joe's "Bodyjam" video. Based off of the creepy pasta The fourth wall is broken again when Darwin damages the screen with his high-pitched voice. With Dan Russell, Teresa Gallagher, Kerry Shale, Kyla Rae Kowalewski. Now all Gumball can do is answer the question burning at everyone's minds: "Why?" The Amazing World of Gumball, can not and will not, accept any responsibility for the effects of what you are about to see The following clips involve Gumball and Darwin performing a long greeting to each other, Richard showing off his new meal called Buttersmear, and Coach doing an exercise video (which actually is just the video being poorly manipulated to make it look like Coach is exercising). "The Scam". This was something completely different. "Weird Like You And Me" The Amazing World of Gumball - The Grieving by Mr. Creepy Pasta's Storytime published on 2015-01-02T06:15:12Z. Read more > Featured Article. The Grieving, an Amazing world of Gumball Lost Episode Creepypasta. Larry warns them that if they don't take their education seriously they'll end up like him. At the diner, I remembered that my family was out visiting my aunt, and they were supposed to be back by noon or so. Not really my cup of tea, it's a little immature, but my little brother seems to like it a lot. The fire hydrant repeatedly tells the dog not to do so before finally spraying water on the dog. It is broken yet again when "The Grieving," a popular, During the Principal Brown video, the security camera reveals that the incident took place on December 18, In Latin America, this episode was transmitted during the, This was the last episode to be produced in. It is the 154th episode overall. The episode then cuts to Tobias doing an unboxing video on his new phone. Cartoons Amazing World of Gumball. We were in Gumball's house, once again the scene is silent and a little disquieting. After about what seemed like a minute of Gumball standing somberly in the corner, the scene suddenly changed. Tobias cuts the video off and then turns it back on. He was very kind, but it all seemed a little like some sort of front. A representative of Turner Broadcasting came to my cousin's house to talk to me in private about what I had seen and experienced that night. Let's Go Luna! Before I had Josie, I banned Dora The Explorer in my house. The way this scene was animated was different from most of the show as well, you may know that the characters from this series are done in vastly differing animation styles, from Flash animation, to CGI, and I think that there's even a character done by someone putting their chin upside-down to make a face. The episode ended with the shot of Gumball's dead body hanging there in the corner fading to black. ... 1 The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. I'm deeply sorry, from the bottom of my heart, but I don't know why those clips were aired, I just don't. Richard isn't wearing his usual attire, he's dressed in a fancy black suit, a little uncharacteristic of him, as he's usually a slob. Even today it has some good shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. Olivia Wilde. I never, ever, EVER, thought I would think about that old shame again. Hi, my name is Kimberly Wolf. We're not that sick. ", The spoons are the same ones from "The Night. Even today it has some good shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. History Talk (0) Comments Share. My parents gotten arrested because of my brother being missing. (DUNDUNDUN), The Grieving, an Amazing world of Gumball Lost Episode Creepypasta. His eyes began to tear up as he informed them that they eventually were found, but they had not been found alive. The next clip then gives viewers several warnings to prepare them for the first official airing of "The Grieving," such as how most people who have seen it have never been seen again, or that the show is not responsible for any ill effects from watching. "The Fury" The animated comedy television series The Amazing World of Gumball (2011 - 2019) features a wide array of primary and supporting characters, all of whom reside in the fictional American city of Elmore. August 25, 2016 The next clip shows Gumball with the Evil Turtle inside his shirt so her head can be seen. Ben BocqueletRikke AsbjornJames HamiltonJames HuntrodsJoe MarkhamJohn SheermanTobi Wilson Gumball speaks in a high-pitched voice while trying to grab a box of Daisy Flakes so the Evil Turtle can eat them. By: Saphire Kat. Poor Richard was still sobbing on the sofa, as the front door opened suddenly, making me jump a bit at such a loud noise, and Gumball's mother Nicole, a blue cat like him, stepped in. The copyright notice at the end said © Cartoon Network Studios, 2001. The final clip shows the Wattersons and various citizens across Elmore all taking part in a song about being proud of being weird. Nothing came up, no information remotely similar to the plot or name of this episode existed anywhere. Eventually, I discovered that Ben Bocquelet had a Twitter account, so I sent a message about the episode and this was the reply I got: "One thing, how in the heck did you find that? In it, Ms. Markham hands the Old Doctor the box with Tobias' phone in it during an operation, and a flatline can be heard. Sort of mean, I know. My internet history was even cleared, they were angry at me, and just assumed that I had had a bad nightmare, when I was sure I hadn't. Written by: In Latin America, this episode was transmitted during the sixth season's run. During their high-pitched voice challenge, Darwin's voice causes the camera lens to crack. This was the Gumball logo shown in the beginning of the episode. LOST EPISODES - Amazing World of Gumball (CREEPYPASTA) Thomasbonnington57. Most people who have watched it have never been seen, AGAIN. First it shows Tobias' "X-treme Pranking" video. The episode then shows a blue sausage dog approaching a fire hydrant to use the bathroom. The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Grieving Update/Transcript. It is broken yet again when "The Grieving," a popular Gumball creepypasta written by GlobaLuna32, is referenced. GB440 Rather than eat the Daisy Flakes, the Evil Turtle bites Gumball's wrist, and the clip abruptly ends while Gumball screams in pain. Sorry, but I just don't know. It took little time for the police to discover the horrifying fate of Anais. I love The Amazing World of Gumball. By then I was wondering if there was any information on "The Grieving" on IMDB or something, so while the commercials were still playing I looked up some information about this episode on Google. Eskimos Aren't Real: Nicole tells her kids that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot, and Switzerland aren't real.. He looked absolutely miserable, a far cry from the cheerful demeanor he usually had. Realistic blood covered the box, inside and out, while Anais's head was done in the normal style, but was drenched in blood and some other fluids, not all of them her's apparently. 154 The episode you saw was never supposed to be seen by anyone but me and a few friends of mine. Not really my cup of tea, it's a little immature, but my little brother seems to like it a lot. Most people who have watched it have never been seen, AGAIN. 4 I could hardly believe what was happening, how could such a cheery and fun kids show be taking such a dark and twisted turn. After seeing it, he panics, thinking that it is his grandma. Though this may have been done to reference the earlier season. Important details about the plot or story are up ahead. I know, I am deeply sorry for what I did, which is why I tried to bury that stupid thing years ago. I was freaking out, and trying to tell them about the disturbing clip of the boy who looked like my brother being shot in the head, but they wouldn't listen. The Amazing World of Gumball, can not and will not, accept any responsibility for the effects of what you are about to see Cartoons Amazing World of Gumball. One of the newest shows on the network, The Amazing World of Gumball, is a cute and mildly entertaining show. This is the tenth episode in which Gumball and Darwin are not main characters. I've always loved Cartoon Network, when I was growing up it was my favourite channel to watch. Which was incredibly odd, seeing as the show was new for 2011. I DON'T KNOW. It was a very, very awful thing to do, but we made the episode as a joke. As I am a mom, I'm really careful of what my children watch. I was feeling very ill by the time this incredibly disturbing flashback had come to an end, so I quickly ran to the bathroom to vomit. I ignored it, assuming that it was done just for this 'special' episode. It was already eleven, so the officer and I drove back only to find a whole squad of police cars and even some government agents at my house. One of the newest shows on the network, The Amazing World of Gumball, is a cute and mildly entertaining show. We weren't in Gumball's classroom this time, we were in Principal Brown's office. The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I was very scared, and had no choice but to finish the episode, I turned on all the lights in my room and got under the covers, hiding like my little brother does when I make him watch scary movies with me. After Tony leaves, the drum kit guy walks by and sneezes. It then shows a clip from "The Money" when Richard drove through the convience store. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Don't tell anyone this Sarah, (Yes, that's my name), but The Amazing World of Gumball goes back further than you know. Like Richard, she wasn't wearing her usual outfit, for some reason, she was in a black dress and was wearing a pretty black hat to match. South Park: The REAL Pilot; The Power of Two: Early Reel.wmv; The Mirai House (CHAPTER 7) ... Olive's Grieving. In "The Lie", Anais thinks Valentine's Day is a fake holiday. Everything's Better with Rainbows: The show's logo is a rainbow on a star background, with "The Amazing World of" written in clouds and "Gumball" written with each letter in a different color. Anyway, we made it so we could make fun of how he came into work usually, crying like a fool, which is why you saw Mr. and Mrs. Watterson cry so much in the episode. I asked Larry if he saw some cartoon animals talking or crying, since that was what they were doing on my TV. Anais fared no better, or, what was left of her anyway. It was a real Gumball one about a missing episode called, "The Grieving". Then the episode appears to end, until the Saxophone Chihuahua makes another appearance, ending the episode. Even today it has some good shows, like Adventure Time and Regular Show. "The Compilation"[1] is the thirty-eighth episode of Season 4 of The Amazing World of Gumball. I always loved Cartoon Network when I was growing up. I began to sob uncontrollably after that traumatizing clip, so much so that I passed out. After I could tell him all I remembered, he agreed to playback that day's programming from when the incident with the disturbing Gumball episode had occured.
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