Waterfall experts from NewEnglandWaterFalls.com have visited more than 75 waterfalls in Massachusetts and compiled a list of the top 10 you need to visit this summer. 40 mins in 40 mins out. The waterfall is 40-feet in height and part of the Umpachene River. Get more stories delivered right to your email. The trail length is 0.6 miles both ways, with a moderate difficulty level. Bash Bish Falls is the mother of all Massachusetts waterfalls. The falls have different levels cascading, plunging, and sliding down the mountain. The county has several waterfalls, including Chapel Brook Falls, which is near Ashfield in the Chapel Brook Reservation. Olympic Peninsula. Hikers with experience can continue on the more difficult path to the upper falls by going another mile. This spectacular waterfall is a part of over five square miles of watershed. If you have any questions or would like to … To see another of the best waterfalls in Massachusetts, embark on another short hike. The trail is easier to walk if you’re coming from New York, but even in Massachusetts, it is a moderate hike. Near Williamstown, Massachusetts – in Berkshire County – are March Cataract Falls. Several of the falls are in Franklin and Berkshire Counties, making it easy to see them – especially with the short distances it takes to hike to the various falls. For another of the most beautiful hikes in Massachusetts, look no further than the trail that leads to Long Pond. Love Massachusetts? The Twin Cascades waterfall is near Florida, Massachusetts, in Berkshire County. The further north we drove, the more the downside to our plugged in society was reinforced. ... “Massachusetts has superb state parks and vast conservation lands that are ... Cook said both waterfalls are worth a trip… Overall, the elevation gain is 200 feet for the entire falls. The trailhead in Massachusetts is 0.4 miles one way. It creates three different heights, beginning at 20 feet, going to 15 feet, and then a 10-foot drop. A dazzling tumble of white water and glittering spray. Aug 19, 2016 - There are quite a few well-known waterfalls in Massachusetts, but there are also a lot of hidden gems. It would be perfect for a road-tripping weekend or even a jam-packed day off. Race Brook Falls in Sheffield, Massachusetts, has a 300-foot drop, making them one of the longest and heights waterfalls in the state. On your way to the pond, you’ll pass flowing streams and over fairy tale footbridges. Charge your phone and pack your picnic basket...this is the ULTIMATE waterfall road trip in Massachusetts. Thank you! You will receive your first email soon. Visitors should come in late April through November. Gorgeous tumbling waters and that classic babbling brook sound. Dogs are welcome, and swimming, while available, is not so enjoyable. It’s a series of five waterfalls along a section of Lawrence Brook. Slatestone Brook Falls in Sunderland, Massachusetts is part of the Franklin County tour of waterfalls. What are the best waterfall hikes in Massachusetts? What better way to ring in the sunshine than with a waterfall extravaganza? Combine waterfalls and a picturesque hike and what do you get? The water display itself is a quick walk from the parking lot Gunn Cross Road. There's hardly anything so dramatic, beautiful and awe-inspiring in the natural world, and Massachusetts is actually full of them. Massachusetts has over 400 waterfalls for visitors and locals to enjoy. After drinking in the view from above, follow the stairs to the base of the waterfall. Along the way, you’ll pass such stunning natural scenery as an open meadow, a cascading waterfall, and breathtaking mountain views. Park at CCC Dynamite Trail parking area and walk down Sperry Road to Trail head which is right before the Chimney Group Area camping area. Apr 12, 2016 - We did all the planning so you don't have to. The trail is less than 0.1 miles one-way, with a moderate to difficult hike, given the rocky path. Charge your phone and pack your picnic basket...this is the ULTIMATE waterfall road trip in Massachusetts. The falls are the type with slides, cascades, and rocks creating little blocks of water to run down, instead of a continuous drop. Hikers should plan their visit between April and November. The waterfall is fed by Wahconah Falls Brook. Royalston Falls is part of the Royalston Falls Reservation in Royalston, Massachusetts, located in Worcester County. You could bring snacks but not a place really to have lunch. The trail is easy, especially during May through October. The best time to visit the falls is from May to October, due to the path condition and changes in weather. We stumbled upon the idea of going on a two day waterfall road trip in Massachusetts! Be sure to wear a pair of sturdy hiking boots as the hike can be quite challenging. The .03-mile Glendale Falls Trail leads straight to the top of the falls. Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Hikers will find a pleasant walk of 0.4 miles or a ten-minute round-trip walk. You may have known that there are so many sparkling cascades in the Bay State, but this road trip will take you to the best of the best. View the map on Google Maps here. At some points, the falls are 60 feet, before becoming an 80-foot fall, with some shorter areas that are 5 to 20 feet in length. Share Shares Copy Link. Everett State Reservation in Berkshire County. https://www.thecrazytourist.com/15-amazing-waterfalls-in-massachusetts Charge your phone and pack your picnic basket...this is the ULTIMATE waterfall road trip in Massachusetts. Charge your phone and pack your picnic basket...this is the ULTIMATE waterfall road trip in Massachusetts. The hiking time is usually around 30 minutes one way for experienced hikers on the moderate trail. To get to the lower falls, hikers will go 0.2 miles one way on an easy path. If you’re on the hunt for a unique road trip, consider heading out on this road trip to the eight most abandoned places in Massachusetts. Visit the … With its cool water, the pond is a popular spot for swimmers during the summer. Do you think you could handle this much adventurous fun on this waterfall road trip in Massachusetts? The trail is 0.8 miles to walk to the falls and back; it is an easy to moderate hike. If you’re on the hunt for a kid-friendly hike that includes a waterfall, follow the half-mile Doane’s Falls Trail. You will find cascading water into swimming holes, natural rock slides, a waterfall to walk behind, another to … The trail is 0.7 miles one-way, which will get the hiker to the lower falls area. Here are 10 waterfalls in Massachusetts to visit. Top Massachusetts Waterfalls: See reviews and photos of waterfalls in Massachusetts, United States on Tripadvisor. Hiking in Massachusetts promises something for everyone – from the beginners to the most seasoned of hikers. These 6 in New England are worth a road trip. Visit. A quieter spot to enjoy a serene moment with a loved one or just enjoy the solitude of nature. Massachusetts Waterfalls The following is a list of all cascades and waterfalls in … Are you packing your picnic basket and selfie stick as we speak? Feb 16, 2017 - We did all the planning so you don't have to. Doane’s Falls in Doane’s Falls Reservation is near Royalston, Massachusetts, in Worcester County. Jun 12, 2020 - There are quite a few well-known waterfalls in Massachusetts, but there are also a lot of hidden gems. Freelance writer and strawberry eater. The cascade and horsetails of the waterfall make it distinctive and beautiful. May 2, 2017 - There are quite a few well-known waterfalls in Massachusetts, but there are also a lot of hidden gems. For one of the most beautiful hikes in Massachusetts, check out the Stony Ledge trail that leads to Mount Greylock. Frequent trail pull-overs on the road up – including some that lead to waterfalls – make it easy to get at least a little hike in before reaching the top of Mt Greylock. my wife and I drove from Lee,massachusetts where we rented the Garfield Townhouse for our choice of stay in The Berkshires. We’re thrilled to present you with the ultimate waterfall road trip in Massachusetts. In Royalston, you can find Royalston Falls, Spirit Falls and Doane’s Falls. Bash Bish Falls in the state park of the same name lies outside of Mount Washington, Massachusetts and Berkshire County. Doane’s Falls plunge, cascade, and even have a block style look as the water falls from Lawrence Brook into the river below. 2021's top waterfalls in Massachusetts include Bash Bish Falls, Cascade Waterfall + Doane's Falls. An awesome waterfall. There is metal cables by the falls, don't run your hand on the cable some parts are sharp and you can see tape. Add these and more to your travel plan The route took us to 8 different waterfalls out in Western MA. You know what’s great? Gunn Brook Falls is actually two waterfalls along the same river, which are about 15 feet each. In Chester-Blandford State Forest, hikers can visit Goldmine Brook Falls. The height is only 30 feet, making it one of the shortest waterfalls in the state, but it also gives the falls a fan-like appearance, spreading out over the rocks rather than being a single plunge of water from Hopper Brook. Probably the most well-known of all the falls on this trip, Bish Bash is nestled in the Taconic Mountains of the Berkshires. The property owners have allowed visitors to their falls, without charge, as long as tourists continue to be respectful of the area. Dogs are allowed on the trail as long as they have vaccination tags and are well controlled by their guardians. What are the most beautiful hikes in Massachusetts? You can also hike the half-mile trail loop. Umpachene Falls in Berkshire County, New Marlborough is found in the Umpachene Falls Park. A 40-foot drop will show you the fan of water flowing from the river down the rocky mountainside. A beautiful way to spend a day in Massachusetts. Feeding the falls is the Swift River’s middle branch. Sitting right on our border with New York, this epic waterfall plummets nearly 200 feet, and breaks into two twin cascades before it roars into a sparkling pool. Once you reach the beautiful waterfall, stroll around it for different but equally beautiful views. Goldmine Brook falls is 45-feet high, with horsetails and plunges of water coming from Goldmine Brook. Hikers should plan to visit between April and November for the best water flow and weather. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. so plan at least 30 minutes to access the falls by foot. Hikers should visit between late May and June, although it is possible to visit all summer long. Elevation gain – depending on how far one hikes – can range from 500 feet to 850 feet. Swimming is prohibited due to the rushing water posing a danger. Hikers can visit Wahconah Falls State Park to enjoy the cascading falls, with a 40-foot drop. Don’t forget the camera. This trip is definitely an all day affair, clocking in at around eight hours drive time. They spread roughly 6 to 8 feet in width, depending on the time of year and water flow. The path is easy to moderate and takes 0.3 miles one way to see the lower portion of the falls. It is best to visit the falls between April and November. Killing nine awesome waterfalls with one stone (it’s a metaphor….we don’t actually advocate the murder of waterfalls). It takes about five minutes to reach the falls, with an elevation gain of 100 feet. This waterfall is only about a 20 minute easy hike from the main trail and is at its peak from April to June. Hikers should visit during May through October for the best weather. Feb 16, 2016 - There are quite a few well-known waterfalls in Massachusetts, but there are also a lot of hidden gems. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/waterfall-roadtrip-ma … we entered the park on the Massachusetts entrance and crossed the New York state line along the … Hikers should travel between April and November to see the falls. Shayna Seymour is on waterfall watch. These falls are open all year, sunrise to sunset. Article from onlyinyourstate.com. The trail to Wahconah Falls is 0.1 miles one way. It’s also the deepest natural pond in Massachusetts. You'll be able to explore waterfalls like Bear's Den Falls in New Salem, Bash Bish Falls on Mount Washington and even dine beside a waterfall … Nice short hike. The waterfall is not part of any park, instead, lying on private property. When taking the Massachusetts side, hikers will go 300 feet down to the waterfalls, and only go up 125 feet from New York before descending 50 feet to the bottom. It is also possible to reach the falls from New York, going 0.75 miles from the trailhead in that state. The best time to visit is between April and November. There are 250 waterfalls in Western North Carolina near Brevard. Feb 24, 2016 - We did all the planning so you don't have to. Kick back, picnic or try your hand at catching a few fish in the beautiful northern hardwood-conifer forest. Massachusetts native. Share with your friends (the ones who make long car rides actually fun) and let us know in the comments below! The state forest is outside Chester, in Hampden County. The trail is considered easy, with only a 50-foot elevation gain. Visitors to Berkshire County have plenty of waterfalls to visit, including a few that are taller, but the plunging and cascading falls on the Whiting River are magnificent. The falls are made up of a series of cascades, nearly 200 feet in total, with the final cascade split into twin falls by a jutting rock, dropping in an 80-foot "V" over boulders to a serene pool below. You know what’s nine times more awesome? If you’re a book lover, you’ll definitely also want to check out the replica of Thoreau’s home. It's the tallest cascade in the state, and definitely the most popular. Dec 30, 2017 - We did all the planning so you don't have to. The trail is less than a 0.2-mile round-trip. Dogs have been allowed on the trail, as long as owners are respectful of the property and pick up after them. Wahconah Falls Brook cascades over multiple smaller tiered levels then falls around 40 feet into a deeper pool. Hiking the path will take 0.8 miles into the falls and another 0.8 miles back. Saved from img-aws.ehowcdn.com It was a great way to explore different places in our own backyard! If you are planning on taking a trip to various falls while in Massachusetts, Franklin County is one of the best places to go. Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism / Flickr, 40 Places to See in Florida Before Your Kids Grow Up, 40 Places to See in California Before Your Kids Are All Grown Up, 25 Most Beautiful Medieval Castles in the World, 13 Things to Do in Rancho Santa Margarita (CA), 15 Best Things to Do in Cathedral City (CA), Bash Bish Falls: Colin D. Young / shutterstock, Royalston Falls: brooklynnmarin / shutterstock, Tannery Falls Massachusetts: Paula Stephens / shutterstock, Goldmine Brook Falls: DarZel / shutterstock. The trail is predominately flat, making it ideal for hikers of all ages. Tannery Falls in Berkshire county – near Savoy, Massachusetts – can be found in Savoy Mountain State Forest. The water is highest during April through June. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! The height of the falls is 12-feet, making it one of the smallest in the state. Top Royalston Waterfalls: See reviews and photos of waterfalls in Royalston, Massachusetts on Tripadvisor. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! 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There are five falls as part of the Race Brook system that is 1.3 miles one-way. The trail is a circular loop which takes you to eight waterfalls located in the western part of the state. Campbell Falls in Campbell Falls State Park Reserve – near New Marlborough, Massachusetts – is a 50-foot waterfall. They cascade, break around boulders, and fall in long streams of water. Does Massachusetts have any natural wonders? “ Beautiful waterfall and it’s breathtaking in the fall Easy hike and its for all ages - there is a steep climb to get to the top of the falls but the view of the mountains is well worth it ” “ A short hike (I hesitate to say easy because there is a steep hill to the top of the falls) to a beautiful water fall and then great, flat hiking beyond. However, the views are more than worth the effort. Greylock State Reservation. Waterfalls. Travel. Hikers can walk just 0.2 miles on an easy path to see the lower falls and enjoy the 125-foot elevation gain. The Trustees of Reservations are fierce protectors of waterfalls throughout the state. So we headed back. Travel Destinations. Reach the beautiful waterfall by following the six-mile Race Brook Falls Trail. North America Travel. Depending on how strong the waters are flowing, you may want to just spread out your picnic blanket on one of the rocks and take in the magnificent view. Natural wonders are abundant in our beautiful state. Though these falls aren't that high (only 50 feet or so) the way their waters twist and fall create plenty of visual interest and stunning beauty. The trail level is moderate difficulty for both falls. Explore. Wahconah Falls lie near Dalton, Massachusetts, in Berkshire County. The road to the top is closed from November to late May, but the trails are open year-round. Bear’s Den Falls is in Bear’s Den Reservation in New Salem, Massachusetts, which is in Franklin County. Aug 27, 2020 - Follow The Ultimate Waterfall Road Trip In Massachusetts. Dogs are allowed, but swimming is not possible. If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: First up is Doane Falls in Royalston. In fact, the entire length of Glendale Falls is among the longest and most powerful in the state. Jun 2, 2019 - Ultimate Massachusetts Waterfall Road Trip. There are diverse types of falls, such as fans, cascades, and plunging falls, with varying heights; some are an impressive 850 and others a mere 15 feet. The height of the falls is 45 feet, with a straight plunge from the top to the bottom. “The Ultimate Maine Waterfalls Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It.” February 8, 2016: OnlyInYourState.] Hikers will go 1.4 miles one way to March Cataract Falls or can add another short hike to Deer Hill Falls, making the entire trip 3.8 miles. The waterfall is inside Mt. The waterfall is in Mt. The waterfall plunges 80 feet, running through rocky terrain from Bash Bish Brook. . Thank you! Massachusetts is actually littered with stunning cascades and this road trip will take you to the best of the lot. These falls are bit off the beaten path (which is a great thing!) Visitors can bring their dogs to hike the area from April to November. These falls have a throaty thundering sound to them, particularly during spring run-off. At just over 3.5 miles, the scenic hike usually takes around three hours to complete. However, it loops back around to where you started, so the return trip time is built in. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Given the winters in the area, April to November is the best time to visit Campbell Falls. If you’re searching for outdoor adventures in Massachusetts, plan a visit to Walden Pond, which is perhaps best known because of author Henry David Thoreau. However, these falls are located on private property so you cannot hike directly to them. The waterfall is visible from the roadside, though. Swimming is possible at the lower falls from April through summer but is definitely not recommended into November. a beautiful hike to a breathtaking view of BASH-BISH falls. No overlook just the falls and along the way there is a small waterfall by the river. Twin Cascades plunges 80 feet and 60 feet and is part of Cascade Brook. The height is about 175 feet total drop, despite some “shelving” made by rocks. You can leave your car at a small park nearby and walk to these impressive falls. This three-tiered waterfall is just a short hike and is surrounded by lush greenery. It is just 0.2 miles to hike to the first falls and back to one’s car. Taking a waterfall road trip. While the trail is fairly long at seven miles, it’s also an easy one bursting with natural beauty. We drove to this beautiful state park on the New York and Massachusetts state line. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/hidden-waterfalls-ma
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